Kentucky Republican introduces costs to punish ladies for miscarriages

Republican politicians in your home just forced through a racist Facebook posts calling for a ban on Islam and comparing President Barack Obama to a chimpanzee.Now, he has introduced a costs to entirely ban abortion in Kentucky.In and of itself, that might be absolutely nothing new. Johnson’s expense is cruelly heavy-handed: it specifies”abortion “so broadly that it could even use to a fertilized zygote stopping working to implant in the uterine wall, which occurs naturally< a href = > to one half of zygotes. Johnson is not alone. In Idaho earlier this year, state Sen. Dan Foreman– last seen shouting at a constituent at a county fair andinforming him to” go straight to hell “– presented a costs that would make any woman who has an abortion guilty of first-degree murder. Johnson’s expense is specifically appalling amid the backdrop of Donald Trump’s sweeping new executive order offering for-profit companies the right to choose not to supply contraception to their workers for any reason– a move practically ensured to increase the number of unintentional pregnancies and abortions.Despite that abortion has actually repeatedly been upheld by the Supreme Court as a constitutional right, state legislators like Johnson are desperate to take household preparation laws back into the dark ages– and wish to score votes off of playing politics with ladies’s lives and health.It is time lawmakers stopped seeing the autonomy of ladies as an issue and started appreciating it as a part of a fair society.


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