JUST IN: Trump Fulfills BIGGEST Campaign Promise After Democrats Fail To Stop Him…

President Donald Trump assured Americans he would “develop that wall” on the southern border.And his Republican coworkers lastly stepped up to the plate and protected him that major political triumph he needed.On Friday, Democrat Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham

demanded a House flooring vote that would have included a prohibition to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)on any Pentagon costs to construct the border wall.” The only way this body can ensure that Trump can not utilize Department of Defense funds to build the border wall is to put that restriction in the bill explicitly,”Grisham stated.However, Republicans countered with a knockout blow that prevented the Democrats ‘obstructionist

move.Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry spoke instantly after Grisham, saying the House needs to quickly approve the fiscal 2018 authorization costs– he got a standing ovation for his effective speech and President Trump’s NDAA was passed minutes later, which consists of financing for a wall.Here was Thornberry’s passionate speech right prior to the NDAA passed: SHARE on Facebook and Twitter if you concur we need to build a border wall!


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