JUST IN: G20 Protesters Make Life LIVING HELL for Melania… She’s Been Trapped!

The G-20 top is underway in Hamburg, Germany and as typical, there are a lots of protesters outside aiming to cause trouble.Here’s a little taste of the madness.They seem great don’t they?Apparently, things are so bad that Melania cannot even leave where she is staying.First lady Melania Trump was not able to leave the residence where she and President Trump are remaining in Hamburg, Germany

, due to G-20 protests nearby.Security would not clear the very first girl to leave the residence Friday afternoon, a representative for Melania Trump told a press reporter.

“It’s unfortunate,” the spokesperson said.According to the Associated Press, Melania Trump wasn’t able to sign up with the other spouses of world leaders, who normally go to with one another throughout the summit, since of the security concerns.Sadly, that’s actually what the protesters want. To make life miserable for everybody involved.Good job guys. That’s the way to get individuals to appreciate your position.

Act like idiots.That’s pretty much how liberals run in America too.Break stuff. Toss things. Complain.

Imitate a child when you don’t get your method instead of taking part in the battle of concepts and setting in motion citizens in elections.


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