Joe Scarborough announces he’s leaving the Republican Party and the response is pretty universal

MSNBC expert Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party, less than two weeks after President Trump mocked his fiancée’s alleged face lift.Outing the cosmetic surgery of his leftist employee/lover Mika Brzezinski was apparently a bridge too far for Scarborough. His statement shocked many GOP’ers, who had no concept Joe was a Republican given his leftist anti-Trump rhetoric.< img src =""alt="Mika Brzezinski facelift plastic surgical treatment before after joe scarborough"data-recalc-dims="1" > Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski rejected she got a facelift.(Images:/ BPR screengrab)” I am a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican any longer,”Scarborough stated on “The Late Program with Stephen Colbert.” “I’m going to become an Independent.”Scarborough was a Republican congressman from Florida from 1995 to 2001. He released his MSNBC show” Early morning Joe”in 2007, where he has worked along with his now-fiancee Mika Brzezinski, a staunch Democrat.Both just recently got separated amidst longstanding rumors they had actually been continuing a lurid extramarital affair for many years.

It was obviously an open trick amongst MSNBC insiders.Scarborough and Brzezinski were on exceptional terms with Donald Trump for lots of years. Trump appeared many times on their program.

Past video footage recommends Mika had a big crush on Trump, as evidenced by her outrageous flirting with the billionaire magnate. Mika Brzezinski hit the roof after Trump outed her cosmetic surgery. (Image: BPR screengrabs )The couple initially supported Trump throughout the primaries, but then started ratcheting up their attacks throughout the previous year, around the time they went public with their romance. Coincidentally

, attacking Trump was a ratings gold mine for their low-rated morning show.Since outing themselves as a couple, Scarborough has actually increasingly moved far-left, in tandem with his liberal fiancée.While the couple and Trump have exchanged barbs on Twitter, the breaking point came 2 weeks back, when the president mocked Brzezinski’s”bleeding facelift.” The relationship is now irretrievably broken, and Joe desires to leave the Republican party.Many on Twitter reacted to the news by

stating good riddance to RINO Joe Scarborough.Joe Scarborough is apparently leaving the Republican Party. Had no clue he was a Republican since he sure does not imitate one!Joe Scarborough left the Republican Celebration, Megyn Kelly has no rankings, & CNN is dying. Trump really is making America fantastic once again

! Thank you I cannot sleep. so troubled over hearing Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican celebration, oh no how will they survive this

catastrophe.????!.?.!Meanwhile, Twitter advised Scarborough that a scandal from his previous resembled that of another popular liberal, Ted Kennedy.

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