Jesse Watters: Phoenix Mayor Criticizing Timing of Trump Rally Just Desires ‘To Get on MSNBC’

Stanton appeared on MSNBC Thursday night called the rally “ill-timed” which it would “irritate enthusiasms.”

Watters was not having it.

“‘Ill-timed?'” Watters reacted. “Didn’t President Obama have a little fundraising event after Benghazi? C’mon, discussing ‘ill-timed.’ Get outta here!”

The 5 co-host then declared that Stanton “does not desire Trump to be successful.”

“Trump’s gon na have a huge rally, everybody’s going to reveal up, we’re going to take it live, he’s gon na make a lots of news, he’s going to feed off the energy of the crowd, and then in 3 years, he’s gon na win Arizona like he won it last time,” Watters predicted.Watters went on to call this”a lot of sour grapes “from Stanton which” it’s a reason for him to obtain on MSNBC, “which he wouldn’t call a” badge of honor-but maybe for him it is “and that other mayors may follow his lead.”They’re gon na bend their muscles and imitate’You can’t come here! You’re a racist! ‘And after that Trump is gon na drop Flying force One right therein, dominate the regional media markets, raise a lot of money, then return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as a winner. They do not want him to win, that’s the problem. “he concluded.Watch the clip above, by means of Fox News.

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