Jennifer Rubin Whacks Republicans For Cannot Function as An Examine Trump

I dislike to break it to The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, however she ‘d better not hold her breath waiting for members of her party in Congress to grow a spine and do the right thing when it pertains to Trump. They’re more concerned about their own reelection campaigns than they are securing the country from this loose cannon in the White House.STELTER: Jennifer,

you discussed this for the Washington Post. What was your reaction to that sound bite?RUBIN: I was horrified, and I guess I’m getting

used to being horrified with this administration. He took an oath of office to promote the Constitution, and that includes the First Change. So it remains in his denunciation, him stating that this is disgusting that the press gets to write whatever that they desire, he truly is renouncing his oath of office.And I would state to Sen. Sasse and the rest of the Republicansin the Senate and your home who have been lumps on a log, they need to do something about this. They should perform hearings. They should start thinking about in the totality of all of his habits whether he is in truth unsuited to hold office.And they haven’t. They have not demanded any hearings. There is a raft of habits that he’s participated in that Republicans have no interest in examining whatsoever. And they really are now in danger of not maintaining their oath. They took an oath of office to promote the Constitution and I believe in stopping working to check the president

, not just in this regard, but in his other habits and his disputes of interests, in his, definitely in his shooting of the previous FBI Director, they are not taking their oath of workplace seriously, and there is nothing more crucial than the 1st Amendment, and for them to merely shrug their shoulders or roll their eyes, or send out a tweet, I believe actually does not hold them in good stead. ↓ Story continues below ↓ STELTER: Let’s have a look at all the headings today, not about not the First Change

, but the 25th Change. This, of

course, a mechanism for removing a president from workplace. There was a great deal of attention around this concept, just an idea, obviously, in the last couple of days. And I know you raised also, Jennifer. Are you advocating now for that and is that appropriate?RUBIN: I am advocating this be taken seriously. We now have a Senator, very well respected, Senator Bob Corker, recommending that the president

actually is not thinking appropriately. And we have actually certainly seen a lot of habits which suggests that he is unwilling or not able to satisfy his obligations and that he is not behaving rationally.I believe it’s time for members of Congress to start talking to individuals who see him regularly, to be speaking with people who have left office, and to begin to take this seriously. We are a long,long method from the 25th Amendment and I do not want the 25th Modification to be invoked in lieu of impeachment, in other words, to be used due to the fact that we think he’s unfit.But to the degree to which people are starting to question whether he is logical, whether he has the ability to comprehend product put in front of him, whether he has the ability to make rational decisions

, Congress requires to get associated with this. And they should start talking seriously to members of the cabinet, as I said they should speak to people who speak with him on a regular basis. And we have actually had a few of his close confidantes now say they are frightened, they’re

surprised by exactly what he has actually been saying lately. So I think we all require to take it seriously and stop just rolling our eyes and saying,” Oh, it’s Trump being Trump. “They’ll remove him practically the time hell freezes over. He could begin WWIII and Fox would still be cheerleading for him and these spineless members of Congress will still be protecting him to the bitter end.


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