Ivanka Trump Just Humiliated Her Dad On Father’s Day

Regardless of the truth that Donald Trump called in Father’s Day with a particular slew of self-congratulatory tweets, Ivanka did a better job keeping in mind the vacation– although she humiliated her dad in the process.While she tweeted a message to her other half, Jared Kushner, she conveniently excluded any reference of her real dad on Father’s Day.

The President, for his part, did little to acknowledge the holiday entirely, deciding rather to commemorate himself.The MAKE AMERICA GREAT ONCE AGAIN agenda is doing effectively in spite of the distraction of the Witch Hunt. Many new jobs, high business interest, … huge regulation cuts, 36 new legislative costs signed, terrific brand-new S.C.Justice

, and Facilities, Health care and Tax Cuts in works!The brand-new Rasmussen Survey, among the most precise in the 2016 Election, simply out with a Trump

50% Approval Rating.That’s greater than O’s #’s! While President Trump fasts to reward his member of the family with tasks in government positions for which they are grossly unqualified, when it comes time for displays of affection where loan or power are not involved, the Trump family becomes unexpectedly silent. Naturally, this is just another method that they are completely out of touch with the American individuals.

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