Israelis on Lufthansa flight stand for Memorial Day siren

A group of Israelis on a Lufthansa flight on Sunday meant a moment of silence on the Jewish state’s Memorial Day to honor the guys and women who passed away during active duty or were killed in horror attacks.

The group of Israelis on the flight– which was on its method from Marrakesh to Munich– stood in the aisle calmly for one minute at 8:00 p.m. Israel time, when the conventional siren marking the start of Memorial Day is heard in Israel.

Petah Tikva resident David told the Hebrew-language Ynet news site that the rest of the travelers on the flight were initially puzzled over why such a big group of people stood calmly in unison.

“We described to them the meaning of Memorial Day for us and that at exactly at this time in Israel countless individuals are standing in honor of the fallen,” he stated.

“It was really moving,” he added.Another Israeli aboard the flight informed Ynet that the rest of the travelers admired the Israelis ‘uniformity with their fallen countrymen.Last week, Israelis aboard an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to London likewise stood for a moment of silence just prior to departure at the time of the siren marking Holocaust Remembrance Day.At 11 a.m. Monday, a 2nd, two-minute-long siren will pierce the air, marking the start of the main Memorial

Day ceremonies throughout the country, expected to be gone to by 1.5 million Israelis. A main event honoring those 3,117 who died in acts of horror will start at 1 p.m.Since 1860, when the very first Jewish community was developed outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls, 23,544 males and females have passed away while serving in the security services of Israel and the pre-state Jewish neighborhood, according to main figures.The ceremony day, developed in 1951 by then-prime minister and defense minister David Ben-Gurion, was set for the Fourth of Iyar, the day prior to Self-reliance Day, which starts immediately after Memorial Day on Monday night.


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