Is The NFL’s Tom Brady Part Of The ‘Fake Melania Trump’ Conspiracy?

cannot be the only one who sees this”. i can’t be the only one who sees this -Grant Brisbee( @mccoveychron) February 4, 2018 Unsurprisingly, the tweet attracted a host of remarks,
including this interesting offering :”The fake Melania

was in reality Tom Brady in a wig: a conspiracy theory. “So there you have it. Tom Brady is masquerading as the First Woman of the United States of America. Of course,

we need to captivate the possibility that it actually was Melania Trump who was standing there next to

her other half on the White House yard, and maybe it simply seems as if everything that comes out of his mouth is some sort of strange conspiracy cover-up. FYI, it most likely was in fact Melania Trump- she took her glasses off and it really looked like her later in case.

In these times in which we live where whatever seems so strange and uncommon, is it truly that unusual to think that the President might be utilizing a body double of his wife?As another Twitter user put it at the time:”You understand, I want to state’of course that’s Melania, not a body double’however things are normally too strange in 2017 to rule anything out. “Doesn’t look like 2018 is getting any less weird. Included Image Credit: PA Subjects: Celeb Fascinating Weird


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