Is FLOTUS trolling press with shoe option for journey number 2? Strong Texas females have her back!

In a clearly clear action to critics consumed with her option of shoes, first lady Melania Trump again joined President Donald Trump on a second journey today to Texas and AGAIN wore stilettos.Mrs.

Trump got the last laugh earlier this week when she left for the flooded area wearing sexy black stilettos– to the apparent surprise of reporters quick to mock her, the first woman can alter her shoes in-flight.

And the former style design isn’t really about to let the media determine what she uses … to the satisfaction of her fans.

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I enjoy that she provides no fucks.Social media user Brian Green had exactly what proved to be a popular action to the first lady’s mean spirited critics, revealing his appreciation by tweeting an image of a bevy of ladies, young and old, wearing stilettos on a flooded street.And they were not

alone in having Melania Trump’s back, as seen the list below actions from Twitter: Melania rocking heels once again– Like a boss!!??”Air Force One”STOP JOURNALISMS! Melania is using HIGH HEELS once again !!!!!! She just provided the media a HUGE F YOU #FoxNews< a href ="" > #AirForceOne Melania leaves Whitehouse using high heels! My guess that was a huge message to discusting phony stream media! Hell Yeah Go Melania @FLOTUS FLOTUS Melania

stayed real to herself & to HELL with haters, as she boarded Flying force One in high heels! She’s a troll master! Love her!

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