Is Donald Trump the trans neighborhood’s worst enemy?

file”If you’re not annoyed, you’re not focusing.”– Confidential

I include an important modification to the above quote with the addition “… or you’re not capable of empathy,” which certainly is true in the case of Donald J. Trump.Jaimie Lee Wounded

Arrow, 28, Sioux Fall, SD, January 1, 2017

Since taking workplace, the Trump administration has stated war on the community.Mesha Caldwell, 41, Canton, MS, January 4, 2017

In a memo sent from his Department of “Justice” to US lawyers, department heads, and federal agencies, Trump’s Chief law officer, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, reversed an Obama-era policy that safeguarded trans workers from under Title VII of the Civil Liberty Act of 1964. Session made clear that his department would not translate gender defenses in Title VII to consist of andSpain Pentagon’s yearly military health care spending plan of $6.28 billion, an approximated fairly minuscule $2.4– 8.4 million represent transition-related health care costs.Ciara McElween, 21, New Orleans, LA, February 27, 2017 In addition, Rand discovered that merely 25– 130 active-component trans military workers have implementation constraints due to transition-related medical treatments. In contrast, 50,000 active-duty soldiers in one single branch, the Army, can not deploy for medical and other reasons.Alphonza Watson, 38, Baltimore, MD, March 22, 2017

Trump’s latest attack on the trans community comes in the kind of a yet another most likely San Antonio, TX, April 9, 2017

The Obama administration released a 59, New York City, NY, May 4, 2017

The National Center for Transgender Equality IndianaGuv, assisted to pass the so-called Religious Liberty Restoration law permitting services to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals. The state was required to modify the law after experiencing severe political and monetary push back.Kiwi Herring, 30, St. Louis, MO, August 22, 2017 Donald Trump, by selecting Mike Pence, has actually included LGBTQ individuals to his already

extensive list of scapegoated” Others, “which include

Mexicans and all Central and South American-heritage people, First Nations individuals, Muslims, individuals with disabilities, all ladies, and NFL gamers and coaches taking a knee in uniformity with groups like Black Lives Matter protesting police attacks on black and brown people.Kashmire Nazier Redd, 28, Gates, NY, September 4, 2017 By selecting Mike Pence, Trump has actually double-downed in his attempts to divide and conquer the electorateby instilling fear in assuring the bigoted the”freedom” to discriminate to the max extent of the law without the hazard of prosecution.Derricka Banner, 26, Charlotte, North Carolina, September 12, 2017 Members of the trans community typically suffer the effects of other fact tellers of the past. Nearly every two– 3 days, a person, like those highlighted throughout this commentary, are eliminated someplace in the world for revealing gender diversity. The huge bulk of murders are of trans ladies of color.Ally Steinfeld, 17, Cahool, MO, September 14, 2017 We must all stand up and be counted against the scurrilous attacks committed by the Trump administration.Stephanie Montez, 47, Robstown, TX, September 28, 2017 We must not allow the policymakers, the majority most likely heterosexual and largely cisgender

male, to determine policy over whether transgender employees and students are secured versus discrimination, Candace Towns, 30, Macon, GA, October 31, 2017 … and

whether trans service members are granted consent freely to

serve their country.Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson, 31, Oklahoma City, OK, November 27, 2017 And we need to not allow anybody, policymaker or otherwise, to demean, intimidate, bug, breach, or anybody, including our dear transgender worriers.Brandi Seals,

26, Houston, TX, December 13, 2017

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