Insiders Just Revealed Republican Plan to Hold Children’s Healthcare Hostage For Tax Cuts

Congress will be back in session next week after the long August recess, and their plate is already complete with ‘need to pass’ legislation. Atop the list of expenses requiring their instant attention is the Children’s Medical insurance Program, or CHIP, a popular Clinton-era program that subsidizes over 8 million kids from low-income families with household profits that prevent them from receiving Medicaid.Federal funding for CHIP ends on September 30th of this year, and it needs to be restored by congress before that due date. Generally, CHIP renewal is a simple bi-partisan slam-dunk, practically a rule amongst congressmen who are carful not to fall on the wrong of the dispute over helping sick kids.”Republican politicians are aiming to perhaps connect a repeal of Affordable Care Act

taxes– including levies on certain health insurance plans and medical gadgets– to a CHIP reauthorization expense, individuals knowledgeable about the thinking said.”The Republican politician Party, it appears, is tailoring up for a video game of chicken, and they’re prepared to trap 8 million children remain in the

cars and truck with them, simply to cut taxes that will benefit the rich. Trump supported these tax cuts when they belonged to the Obamacare repeal and change costs that failed in the Senate, so he’s anticipated to support any future effort by his GOP cohorts to enact them.The concern amongst some is that Democrats might not be able stop their own automobile, either. They, too, are intending to leverage the must-pass CHIP renewal legislation to assist save the parts of ObamaCare that President Trump has

threatened to mess up, or has currently begun to sabotag e, especially elements of Medicaid. With healthy bulks in both houses of congress, Republicans could trap their Blue State equivalents in a no-win situation.”… the Democrats are not going to toss Medicaid under the bus to conserve CHIP,”Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors, informed the Journal.”If that’s the poison pill, it goes down. “

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