Howard Dean: Supporters Who Stick to Trump After Golf Retweet Are ‘a Little Off’

Howard Dean: Advocates Who Stick to Trump After Golf Retweet Are ‘a Little Off ’17 Sep, 2017 17 Sep, 2017 Sunday on MSNBC previous Vermont Guv and DNC Chair Howard Dean stated any advocates who still support President Donald Trump after he retweeted an animated gif that reveals him knocking down Hillary Clinton with a golf ball were”a little off.”Dean stated,”I thought Trump was ill for a long time.” He continued,”The one with Hillary Clinton, knocking her off with a golf ball, really and really, this is the president of the United States? Nah he is not the president. I have no idea where his head is, but it’s not in his job.He added,”The only thing he’s doing is making his base as small as it possibly can be. Any person who sticks with Trump after this early morning is, you

know, they’re not going to leave him no matter exactly what he does. And honestly, I believe they’re a little off, too. Who does this? This is– a 3rd grader wouldn’t do this.”Read More Stories About:P. S. DO YOU DESIRED MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE PROVIDED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX?SIGN UP FOR THE DAILY BREITBART NEWSLETTER.


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