He’s back…and it’s WORSE than we thought

It’s extensively believed the dazzling physicist Albert Einstein as soon as quipped that the meaning of insanity is continuing to do the very same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes.

And so it is for the notorious party of the jackass, the Democrat Party, much better called the party of progressive socialism. Thanks to a liberal progressive ally in the media, and the continued unforced mistakes of the Trump administration, the dominant story of a party in chaos, the Democrats, is hardly mentioned. It’s apparent that the Democrat Party, now owned by progressive socialists, is a rudderless ship, adrift at sea with no captain, definitely no helmsman. In this dire scenario, exactly what does the donkey party do? Insanity.

As reported by LGBT journalist composes story safeguarding Jews; IMMEDIATELY regrets it Whoa: MSNBC host announces he’s STOPPING Republican Celebration; there’s just ONE issue … Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Liberty]


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