‘He is not my bride’: Putin states it’s wrong to ask if he’s ‘dissatisfied’ with Trump

Vladimir Putin April 2013 interview to the German ARD 003 - 'He is not my bride': Putin says it's wrong to ask if he's 'disappointed' with Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday chastised a press reporter asking whether he was”

dissatisfied”with President Donald Trump. “Your question sounds really ignorant,”Putin said,< a href = > inning accordance with The Moscow Times.” He is not my bride, neither am I his bride or groom.

“The Russian leader was speaking at the BRICS top in China.Trump was favorable toward Putin and Russia during the 2016 governmental project, but the 2 nations’ relations have soured specifically considering that the United States intelligence neighborhood concluded that Russia meddled in last year’s election to assist Trump. Numerous companies are examining whether the Trump project worked directly with Russia in that effort.In turn, Putin has actually been vital of Trump recently. At the exact same interview, the Russian president attacked the United States approach to North Korea, stating dangers of military action could activate “a worldwide catastrophe. “< period style="

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