GOP senator damns his celebration: “Moore will be the gift that keeps providing for Democrats”

“To believe you can elect Roy Moore without getting the luggage is pretty naïve.”

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Caution that the brewing Roy Moore fiasco won’t simply hurt Republicans in 2018, however far beyond, South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham called the implicated child molester the “gift that keeps offering for Democrats.”

He also cautioned that any Republican running for statewide office next year can expect to “be inquired about 10,000 times” about Moore, as the scandal makes sure to stick around if he wins the Tuesday election in Alabama.

“From a political perspective, there is no winning with Roy Moore in my view,” Graham informed CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “To think you can elect Roy Moore without getting the luggage is quite naïve.”

Undoubtedly, in the scenario Graham painted, if Moore wins, the Senate Ethics Committee would likely launch an investigation into the claims versus him, hearing testament from the eight females who have accused him of sexual harassment and kid molestation. Sitting senators would then need to concern some sort of decision regarding Moore’s physical fitness for office.In other words,

Moore winning the election would in no other way suggest completion of the story.HARLOW: If indeed Roy Moore wins and as you stated, if he does, he will be seated. And if he is not expelled and serves in the Senate as a Republican associate, what do you think that does to your party, particularly heading into the 2018 midterms?GRAHAM: Well, if you’re running in a 2018 as a Republican Politician, Roy Moore becomes your buddy, you’ll be asked about 10,000 times, ‘What do you think of Roy Moore?’Roy Moore will be the gift that keeps on offering for Democrats. It will specify the 2018 election– at least 2018. And to believe you can elect Roy Moore without getting the baggage of Roy Moore is pretty naïve. I wanted he would’ve stepped aside. They’re going to have the election tomorrow, we’ll see exactly what individuals of Alabama say. The Senate will likewise speak. There’s a procedure within the Senate to manage membership of the body. From a political perspective, there is no winning with Roy Moore in my view.Graham’s serious caution comes while Donald Trump, an< a href= > implicated sexual predator himself, freely campaigns for Moore’s win, taping a robo call on the behalf of his favorite implicated pedophile.Note that while polls suggests that partisan Republicans in Alabama do not believe Moore’s lots of accusers, national polling indicates that a strong majority of Americans voters concur that if public officials deal with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct , they need to resign from office.This story isn’t really disappearing for Moore, for Trump, or for the GOP.Eric Boehlert Veteran progressive author for Media Matters and Hair Salon. Two books:”Lapdogs: How The

Press Rolled Over for Bush, “and “Bloggers On The Bus.

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