Glass is key to raising disk drive capacity ceiling to 20TB and beyond

Difficult drives are not the primary storage medium in lots of PCs, as the market has transitioned to quicker strong state drives over the past numerous years. Nevertheless, there is still a market for great old fashioned mechanical storage. That market has actually kept companies such as Western Digital and Seagate pushing capacities to new heights, which in turn has developed a requirement for new methods of building HDDs. Enter Hoya, which thinks that glass will play a critical role in pressing HDD capabilities to 20TB and beyond, Nikkei Innovation reports.You might have heard of Hoya prior to, specifically if you’re a professional photographer. The company is famous for making high quality filters for video camera lenses. However it also supplies glass substrates for HDDs.That’s right– many of today’s delicate HDDs are made of glass. More particularly, glass substrates are mainly used in slim 2.5-inch HDDs designed for laptop computers and other mobile gadgets. That market is increasingly restricted, nevertheless, as lots of laptop makers ha

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