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Time for some concerns for Ivana Trump, the very first better half of President Trump, mom of his three earliest kids, and author of a new book released by an imprint of Simon and Schuster, a part of CBS. Jim Axelrod met her on her home turf:

After all these years, Ivana Trump, strolling her toy Yorkie in her leopard-print coat on the tony East Side of New york city, still evokes the lifestyles of the abundant, if not rather as famous.But at 68, more than a quarter-century after her marriage to Donald Trump broke up, Ivana states she doesn’t miss a thing. Axelrod asked, “Do you miss out on the

old life? Life with Donald?””I don’t. No,”she responded.”

Absolutely nothing really change. I have a lovely house here. I have a spectacular apartment or condo in Miami. I have a 300-year-old fisherman homes in harbor of Saint Tropez. What more can I have?” Still, as pleased as she is with all she has

, she wishes to make something perfectly clear:”‘ He would not be who he is without you?”Axelrod stated

.”That’s for sure, “Ivana replied.Especially when it comes to their kids.

She’s composed a new book,”Raising Trump,”inspired, she says, by watching her 3 kids(Don. Jr., Ivanka and Eric)throughout the project.”I was extremely, really pleased with them, “she stated, “because they were articulate, smart.

“” Therefore you thought,’ Wait a minute, if we’re going to talk about who raised the Trump kids? “Axelrod asked.” Raising Trump”consists of stories lots of moms and dads can associate with, as when 14-year-old Ivanka got home

with her hair colored blue.” So I freaked,” Ivana said.And a few stories most moms and dads certainly can not.”I remained in very first class, and kids were in the economy,” she recalled

.”And were they learning a lesson that way? “” Well, I think so. Ivanka wished to have an upgrade one day

. I said,’When you can afford it, you get upgrade. I’m being in first class. I afford it. You’re sitting in economy. ‘”It’s been 41 years given that Ivana, a design from what’s now the Czech Republic, got a life-altering tap on the shoulder in a New york city City nightspot.”So I reverse. And there is a blonde, blue-eyed person. And he stated,’I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

My name is Donald Trump. And I can see the women, you are searching for a table.'” And I relied on my girlfriend. I said, ‘I have great news and bad news.’

‘What is fortunately? ”We’re going to get a table real quickly.’ “‘Exactly what is the problem?’ ‘This fellow behind me is going to go and sit

with us!’ “They would wed 8 months later on in 1977, and become the boldest of New York City’s bold-faced names in the 1980s. The spotlight could be harsh.Axelrod showed Ivana an almost 30-year-old clip from

“Oprah”: Donald Trump:” We must have world record-setting battles, however we truly do not. There’s not a lot

of dispute, since ultimately Ivana does exactly as I inform her to do. “Axelrod said, “You’re still laughing. You heard the audience, a lot of groans.”

“Well, I don’t actually care, you understand? “Ivana stated.”Did you feel that was

disrespectful? “”Perhaps it was. You know, however it didn’t bother

me.” It all blew apart in the early 1990s, when Donald Trump’s affair with Marla Maples led to an ugly divorce featuring three straight months of embarrassing New York City tabloid covers.Of Marla, Ivana stated,”I do not speak about her. She’s a showgirl. Never ever achieve anything in her life.”Today she won’t even call Maples by name. It may take 2 to tango, but only one might be blamed. “In the book she gets the blame,”

Axelrod stated.”Well, she was flirting,” Ivana said,” and I believe she was flirting and she got away with it

.”” Do you blame him when you think of it now?””I’m uncertain, because Donald would get 1,000 service cards in the pocket every night. He could pick any girl he desired to have. So I’m uncertain if she

was. There could be another one, might be another one. I truly have no idea. “Though the regards to her divorce were sealed, Ivana Trump plainly ignored her marriage with enough to cushion the pain. And if she’ll never ever forgive his second spouse, she has no issues with President Trump’s third.She stated she agrees Melania Trump. And what is the distinction?” One is nobody. And the other one is Very first Woman.”Perhaps it’s not divorce as numerous have lived it,

but as she’s shown for the last three-plus years, Ivana does not do “common. “In her book she composes:”

My instincts tell me Donald was wise and funny and an all-American good man.” Axelrod asked,”Were your impulses right? “”

You still feel that method about him?”When asked if the president is still a big part of her life, she replied,”

Yeah, he is. He is. We talk to each other.”How typically?”Yeah, possibly as soon as a week. He’s still requesting recommendations, yes.””What will he ask you your advice about? “Axelrod asked. “He ask me about,’ Should I tweet

? Should I not tweet?’I stated, ‘I believe you ought to tweet. It’s a new method, a brand-new innovation. And if you wish to get your words

across rightly, without telling The New York Times, which is going to twist every word of yours, this is how you get your message out.’ “”Ivana, I believe many people, Democrats, Republicans, allies, critics, have stated, ‘Mr. President, stop tweeting.'”

“Well, it’s a tweeting president, “Ivana responded.”This is his brand-new method, the best ways to put the message

across. And he’s.” Ivana Trump can just talk politics so much. When Axelrod kept in mind that for a president to be effective he needs to have the individuals behind him, Ivana declared,”He has the people behind him. “”Do you believe it troubles him that the surveys suggest that there are more people that disapprove than approve?” “I actually have no idea,

and I do not even care.”After all, that’s his life now, not hers. She proceeded to offering several lines of Ivana-branded items and books. She married and divorced two times after Donald, and does not mind letting you understand she’s still not harming for company.She confesses, for one, that she likes the energy of more youthful guys.”Yes. Yes, I rather be a babysitter than a nursemaid!”she chuckled.”And I don’t require to stress about the bad knee and bad back and Viagra and all that stuff.”No, Ivana Trump likes her life simply fine, her new one, which is a lot like the old one, without the issues She explained, “I was just provided to be American ambassador to Czech Republic. Donald told me. He stated,’Ivana, if you want it, I offer it to you.’I like my liberty. Why would I go and say bye-bye to Miami

in the winter season, bye-bye to Saint-Tropez in the summer season, and bye-bye to spring and fall in New York? I have an ideal life.”© 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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