Exclusive! Mika Brzezinski: “Melania Trump Has the Worst Job In America”

On Thursday, President Trump required to Twitter (his official mode of interaction) to release a set of tweets that intentionally demeaned MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The tweets identified Scarborough “a psycho” and declared that Brzezinski had a “low IQ,” and was “bleeding from a facelift” when the trio satisfied at his Mar-a-Lago estate around New Year’s Eve. The source of his ire? A jab the pair made at the phony Time publication covers that are shown on the walls of his namesake golf courses.

The hateful epithets awoke the nation, with Republicans, Democrats, ladies and guys all chiming in to denounce the tweets. Today Brzezinski and Scarborough released their own reaction in The Washington Post, and stood for a 30-minute segment on their show although they were expected to be away on vacation. Following the taping, InStyle hopped on the phone with Brzezinski to speak about how young females must overlook the noise.InStyle: Exactly what a

insane 24 Hr. How are you doing?Mika Brzezinski: Well, I’m fine, definitely

great. Thank you for the way that you have actually handled this regrettable situation. It’s terrific that you can come out and state that you’re fine and deflect since honestly at this moment, exactly what else can we do?I know. This suggests a much larger issue for our nation than anything about

me. In our own method, we could expose what he is, and I think it is a disturbing reality.How do you describe something like this to young ladies, like your daughters, who might be puzzled

by what’s happening?My children are grownups, they’re 19 and 21. I think that they’re forming their own viewpoints. I state the very same thing [

. to them that] I say on the program: I think he’s got a genuine issue with women, which this presidency is a problem. Females in the administration need to step up and inform him that they will not stand for the way he is dealing with women. I believe that likewise uses to guys in the administration.It’s interesting to see who did step up yesterday. Even South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was tweeting about how this is below the workplace of the White House.

These are individuals who have been fans. Do you believe there’s a tide turning? I think strangely this is a tipping point. It reveals that we have a leader of the totally free world who is unhinged. You cannot have someone who is so easily played in such an important and dignified position

. He is certainly humiliating the workplace of the presidency in the eyes of many Americans, and a lot of certainly in the eyes of the world.On the program, you pointed out how you understand Melania Trump. Her campaign as the First Girl surrounds cyber bullying … I know Melania. I have not spoken with her in months, however if my gut is right, I do not believe she’s going to put

up with it much longer. I understand absolutely nothing. That’s just my instinct and I go with my gut and my gut’s always. I’m just telling you, Melania’s got the worst task in the country and I do not believe she wants do it a lot longer. I think she will do it for as long as she needs to for her son, and that’s it.What do you think about somebody like Principal Deputy White Home Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defending this behavior?I’m ashamed for her. I sympathize with her and I repent for her.Tell us about the assistance you have actually gotten because this happened.I really appreciate it. I’m great, I don’t feel injured bythis. I feel worried for our country, concerned about the stability of our president. You understand, my dad simply died. My mom has actually been ill. My daughter lost a buddy recently-I have had a great deal of change in my family. I’m concerned about my ladies

. I’m worried about my household. I miss my daddy. I have no bandwidth to even slightly be

concerned about a tweet from Donald Trump. This is not an issue personally for me. You have actually handled this extremely happily. Exactly what is your guidance for girls? It should not trouble you. This is a difficult world and tweets ought to be at the bottom of the list. I think if you have strong bonds in your life and your priorities in place– and that’s hard to do in this very distracting world– things like this don’t matter. They’ll roll off. You should take a look at the bigger picture, and the larger photo is the future of our nation and the health of this president, which I think are both in jeopardy.At times like this it is so simple to play the victim and cry foul and to be deeply insulted. I have no interest in doing that. I don’t think it’s efficient. I think this is the time where you hold your head up high and disregard since it’s not worth your time. Your daddy was an accomplished diplomat. What do you believe he ‘d be saying if he might witness exactly what’s occurred in the last 24 hours?Well, first, he would not stress over me one bit.

He raised a really tough girl. However he would be, and was on his deathbed, really worried about the strategic alliances that he himself worked decades to develop. He would worry quite about the huge unraveling that is happening prior to our eyes. The president’s behavior in

the past 24 hours with his tweets about me are an indication that he’s not serious, he’s not stable, and that we need to urge anyone in workplace

, in power, in the administration, in the Cabinet, on Capitol Hill to speak truth to power, and if your instinct tells you that he’s not fit, to act appropriately. There are things that can be done. Management, step up.


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