Ex-Harvard Prof. Rips Apart Trump-Hating MSNBC Host on Live TV, Leaves Her Furious

The Daily Caller, Ruhle asked Ferguson if Americans must be worried that Trump is, in her viewpoint, lowering the standard of decency for the presidency.

“We’re speaking about common decency and disgraceful, repugnant habits in the greatest office in the land,” Ruhle said. “Should we not be concerned about the effect on our culture and our future and the hate rising in this country?”

Ferguson said Trump’s not-so-high approval rankings may agree with his critics, however emphasized that the president’s design is not a risk to democracy.TRENDING: Perverted: NBC States the Apostles Were Gay Pals

While Ruhle and others might believe Trump is a threat to our democracy, Ferguson explained that when Trump says something “indecent,” it’s shown in the surveys.

“Whatever the marketplaces might be stating, viewpoint polls are informing a pretty clear story, and that’s why I’m not in a state of excellent panic,” Ferguson said. “I don’t believe the United States is descending into tyranny, in fact, the Constitution is doing pretty much what it’s established to do.”

He reminded Ruhle that her anti-Trump predisposition and hair-on-fire rhetoric wasn’t an adequate reason to suggest he positions a danger to our nation.

“The Establishing Daddies did not write into the Constitution that the president of the United States had to be a saint … that is not in the Constitution,” he continued.Do you believe Trump is decreasing the standard of decency for the presidency? “Let’s not go nuts here. I concur with

you that decency is frequently affronted by Donald Trump’s utterances and habits, but thankfully … our Constitution is set up to contain him and avoid this from ending up being a tyranny, “he stated. “So chill.”After a time out of a couple of seconds, Ruhle responded,” no requirement to inform me to chill, Niall.””I’m not freaking out however thank you so much for joining me today,”

Ruhle stated, visibly activated.”Condescension not welcome.” Have a look at the interview below, with Ferguson’s”chill”

remark coming towards the end.RELATED:< a href= data-type="Internal link"data-type-location=in-content-related > Trump Just Reclaimed Another$45 Million Obama Was Sending Out to Terrorists Ferguson’s subtle take-down of Ruhle was best, where he squashed her illogical argument that Trump is calling in tryanny due to the fact that he says imply things.Hopefully Ferguson’s history lesson on how the Constitution works will assist Ruhle discover how to chill her despiteful rhetoric toward Trump. Please like and share this story on Twitter and facebook with your thoughts on Niall Ferguson telling Stephanie Ruhle to”chill”throughout her anti-Trump diatribe.What do you consider Ferguson informing Ruhle to”chill”during the interview?Scroll to comment below!


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