Evergreen State College Students Upset over Video

Those meddling kids at College Fix have actually the diminished. This started with a “Day of Absence.” A day that required all white individuals (primarily white men) leave campus for the day. Tell me once again who the genuine racists are in this nation. It’s such an adorable story.Anyhoo, this racist day resulted in videos of social justice warriors (SJWs) imitating ruined young children pumped full of sweet in a toy store without mommies or cash. An anonymous patriot edited them in to one megamix montage of suck.The students are requiring the video of them looking like crapmongrels

be removed. I say no.”We require that the video developed for Day of Lack and Day of Presence that was

taken by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the trainees and personnel be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”Next steps: Based upon conversations with the Attorney general of the United States’s office, the most likely strategy requires an examination. We devote to releasing an extensive forensic investigation of the theft of this video and to determining who took it from the trainee. If that examination yields a suspect, we will seek criminal charges versus the individual in consultation with the Chief law officer. Here’s a theory for you to neglect completely: don’t want humiliating videos of you posted on the interwebs? Do not publish videos of you acting embarrassing.Secondly, where two or more individuals are gathered in efforts to be racist dumbasses of mass destruction, expect for somebody to take video. If you desired your voice to be heard, congratulations. But a patriot decided in order to show the absurdity, racism, and stupidity of the SJWs at Evergreen, he ‘d just let the racist, foolish dumbasses promote themselves. Roll tape, witness idiocy, weep for the future.Not that you needed any longer proof that the left are

the real extremists. However if you do, here’s much more video, with a near scholastic explanation from Señor Crowder.

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