“Duck Dynasty’s” Korie Robertson gets emotional over Trump’s Charlottesville response

Throughout a CNN interview on Thursday, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson was lowered to tears as she condemned white nationalists in Charlottesville and criticized President Trump on his

response to the disaster.” I get emotional about it due to the fact that it was so sad for me to see that amount of hate being gushed out by people,” she stated of the current “Join the Right” rally in Charlottesville while holding back tears. “You see these people, and these are just males that appear like your next-door neighbors standing up there and spewing this amount of hate for other people since of their skin color or their citizenship.”

When the conversation relied on the president’s response to the nationwide disaster, in which he blamed “both sides” for violence, Robertson made it clear that she sees no moral equivalence in between white nationalists and counter protesters.

“It was stunning and scary, that it didn’t seem like he wanted to call them out,” she stated. “I attempt to sort of give him the benefit of the doubt on like exactly what he indicated to state, however then when he returned and, you know, he started stating that there readied people on both sides, that’s when it got even more stunning to me because I do not understand how you can state there ready individuals that are marching with torches, shouting Nazi slogans, wearing Hitler shirts, gushing all this amount of hate. So if there was an excellent individual that appeared there, they would leave. That floored me, and I truly don’t understand that. I truly cannot safeguard him in any method on that.”

Robertson, who has two adopted kids of color, swears she and her other half would not have elected then-candidate Trump if they had actually believed he was racist. While she still does not believe President Trump is racist, the truth TV star kept in mind that “the words he is using [are] somehow determining with [white nationalists], and somehow they are thinking that he is accepting them.” She urged the president to state he was incorrect to blame both sides.

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