Donald Trump sparks furious brand-new row with Britain after he assaults NHS for ‘going broke’

Donald Trump has released a damning attack on the NHS, saying Britain’s treasured system of universal health care is “going broke and not working”.

The United States President was rebuked by Theresa May’s workplace today simply Two Days after 60,000 individuals struck the streets to require Tory ministers money the NHS properly.Saturday’s rally, backed by the Mirror, saw Labour and protesters blame”8 years of Tory underfunding”for cancelled operations, ambulance delays, personnel stress and long waits in A&E. Comparing the march to his own domestic battle over healthcare, billionaire Republican Trump declared it showed universal care can not be managed at all.He tweeted:”The Democrats are pressing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of individuals

are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working. Click to play Tap to play The video will begin in Cancel Play now

President Donald Trump tweeted:”Their system is going broke and not working” Marchers throughout the demo in London on Saturday to require more NHS funding”
Dems wish to significantly raise taxes for actually bad and non-personal medical care

, like we’re doing today in the rain, to remind the government that

there’s neither political mandate nor popular viewpoint to privatise it, to underfund it, or to go to war with individuals that run it, but that’s what’s taking place.”


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