Donald Trump Protects Melania Versus Unflattering ‘Vanity Fair’ Article Claiming She Didn’t Want FLOTUS Job

Donald Trump has safeguarded his other half, Melania, against an unflattering Vanity Fair post, ending up being the most recent in a long line of presidents who have actually openly protected their wives against criticism, San Francisco Gate is

reporting. Mentioning a confidential source, Vanity Fair composed earlier this year that Melania is, at the minimum, unpleasant with her function as the very first lady. Particularly, states the source, the very first lady didn’t want the job “come hell or high water” and in reality, didn’t think it likely that Donald would win the election. Speaking of Donald winning the election, the source says that neither Donald nor Melania really thought that would happen.Ordinarily, Donald

Trump can be counted on to come out swinging, so to speak, whenever he or somebody in his inner circle is openly slammed. But in this case, Vanity Fair reported the story in May, and Trump had actually been quiet on it till now.However, the

very first lady has actually been facing restored criticism over the past number of weeks, especially in light of how she (or possibly more precisely, the decorator she employed) selected to embellish the White Home for Christmas. Avoiding the brilliant colors typically related to the vacation, Mrs. Trump instead opted for a more stark, minimalist interpretation.The vacations are upon

us !! Today: flotus is seeing to every last information here at the @WhiteHouse!.?.!— Stephanie Grisham(@StephGrisham45 ) November 27, 2017 The criticism over Melania’s Christmas designing seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, as the saying goes.”Melania,

our fantastic and very effort Initially Lady, who genuinely enjoys exactly what she is doing, always thought that’if you run, you will win.

he would tell everybody that,’no doubt, he will win.’ I also felt I would win(or I would not have run)– and Nation is doing terrific!”Clearly, he’s referencing claims that neither he nor Melania wanted their particular tasks or perhaps believed that they would get those jobs.This would not be the very first time he’s protected

the very first lady. Speaking with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Trump said that Melania has “suffered remarkable abuse” considering that being the first lady.”She’s taken significant abuse. She wishes to look, out of regard for the White Home, wishes to look good leaving the front entryway to the White House. So she gowns up and she places on official shoes, high heels, and she leaves

the White House going to Texas. “Although Trump has a track record for being defensive, it bears noting that he is not the first president who has actually openly reacted to criticism about his better half. Barbara Bush, for example, faced criticism from a group of

college students who took exception to her having actually dropped out of college to get wed, and George Sr. safeguarded her. Likewise, Bill Clinton when threatened to”punch in the nose” a reporter who had called Hillary a phony.

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