Donald Trump now marks off 9 out of 10 on Maher’s ‘Dictator List’ with his demand for military parade

“You’re a narcacist who likes to put your name on structures,” Maher stated naming off the list. “Designate household members to positions of power. Rallies. Who has rallies after you’re election is over?”

White House reporter April Ryan said that Trump is doing it since he’s still marketing.

“It’s not even about marketing,” Maher stated. “It’s about, he feels blue since someone was mean on TELEVISION so I need 9,000 drooling idiots in an aircraft wall mount in Tuscaloosa. Make ’em feel good.”

The other list items are that a dictator dislikes journalism and has their own propaganda device, which Maher called Fox News. Another is missile parades and using the workplace for your own individual monetary gain.

“Line up with other totalitarians and strong males,” Maher marked off. “Claim minorities are the problem with the country. And you lie so freely that people have no idea what the fact is anymore.”

The last one that Trump hasn’t examined off is he isn’t using a military costume.

“When he releaseds the huge–” Maher said before he split up laughing. He discussed that at that point he’s done and he’s out.

“That’s the day that I need to resign,” Ryan confessed.

“I do this differently,” Richard Painter, previous principles czar under George W. Bush began. “I believe that Russia ought to be welcomed to a squad. They’re a significant supporter of the project. They supported the project and factors expect something in return. It’s just reasonable. And another thing I would include to your list: when you inform individuals to clap for you throughout your speech. I indicate, that’s the way they do it in North Korea. And if you do not clap they take care of it.”

He went on to state that it appears like Trump’s criticism of the Democrats for not clapping for him during the State of the Union may even lead to “reeducation programs” for the Democrats.US President Donald Trump has toyed with the concept of a parade in Washington to showcase American muscle and highlight his function as commander-in-chief since prior to being sworn in.(AFP/File/ SAUL LOEB )

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