“Dissidents are patriots”: Bob Costas defends the NFL demonstrations after Trump’s attack

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Donald Trump picked a fight he can’t win when he attacked Colin Kaepernick and other Football players who oppose racial inequality and authorities cruelty by kneeling for the national anthem.His remarks were fulfilled with prevalent backlash around the National Pentagon pays the NFL millions of dollars each year to host patriotic events during video games, which include full-field screens of the flag.

” [Patriotism] has been conflated with a bumper-sticker type of flag-waving and with the military only,” Costas included, “so that people can not see that in his own method, Colin Kaepernick, nevertheless imperfectly, is doing a patriotic thing.”

On Actual time with Bill Maher Friday night, Costas recommended that prior to the nationwide anthem is performed, NFL stadium commentators ought to say “Please mean the nationwide anthem and the perfects it represents,” instead of just, “Please stand.” That, Costas argued, may assist mad fans understand that the flag represents more than simply the US military, and that kneeling during the song is not necessarily a slight to servicemen and women.Costas was far

from the only person near to the video game to slam Trump’s grasp of the issue. Even those who have actually called themselves good friends or fans of the US president came out versus his remarks: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who once called himself a “buddy” of Trump’s but usually goes out of his way to stay apolitical, called the president’s comments”divisive.” Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a long time friend of Trump’s, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the tone of Trump’s comments. Shahid Khan, the Jacksonville Jaguars owner who contributed $1 million to the president’s inauguration committee, joined arms with his gamers in solidarity with their protest.Watch Costas’complete 15-minute area, which also discussed the NFL’s concussion concern, on CNN here.

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