‘Dishonest’ Media? Underreporting of the Democratic IT Staffer Scandal Confirms Trump’s Attack

Trump painted this image to his audience that the media “neglected” his words. They didn’t “overlook” his words at all. Even Fox News’Howard Kurtz needed to truth inspect him. What the media did was put emphasis on Trump’s “lots of sides” remark, which lots of viewed as him spreading the blame of the white nationalist killing Heather Heyer on both the racists and the individuals opposing the racists, and not on the part when he condemned “hatred, bigotry, and violence.” And Trump wasn’t being so honest at the rally either given that he left out the “lots of sides” remark from his retelling of his declaration, the very same remark that stimulated the outrage to start with. I make sure the majority of individuals going to that rally didn’t discover the omission and Trump was depending on it.That’s where the news media comes in. Put simply, they ought to mention the truths, and if Trump said something factually incorrect or purposefully misled the nation, it’s the duty of journalists to refute him with the reality and not with their feelings like they have been.Putting over-the-top responses aside, is Trump’s argument that the media is”unethical” valid? Sure, however Trump just utilized a poor example. Here’s a much better one.If that was all news to you, that’s likely because your go-to news source( specifically on TV )didn’t inform you.The arrest of Imran Awan received simply an ounce of attention.

According to the Media Research study, the story was completely ignored by ABC and NBC while CBS just gave it 37seconds of airtime. You can discover short articles just of his initial arrest on the websites of ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and so on. That’s generally it.You might be asking why needs to this story get anymore attention or if it’s even a scandal at all.

The truth is that the situations surrounding Awan are suspicious at best and criminal at worst.Let’s go over those circumstances: Awan essentially formed a group of IT staffers that

included his better half, his 2 bros and

their partners. They served House Democrats for almost a decade and made hundreds of countless dollars at the same time. When investigations were underway last February that checked out prospective inappropriate habits, all but Awan lost their tasks(Wasserman Schultz chose to keep him on her payroll until he was arrested in July.). In the spring, Awan’s other half Hina Alvi took their children and relocated to Pakistan and apparently had$12,000 in cash at the airport. She was also included in last week’s indictment.2. The(Potentially) Illegal Activity While it’s still being determined if the Awans double-billed House Democrats and storing their information somewhere else for wicked factors, a grand jury did arraign Imran Awan and Hina Alvi for bank scams and it may have something to do with the various properties they had in the D.C. area. They”offered “properties to his bros and even on the day of his arrest, he was still liquidating possessions as they accepted a deal on one property and noted another residential or commercial property. Seems fishy, best? 3. The Doubtful Write-Off From a Dem Rep.’s Workplace Previously this week,

it was reported that the office of Rep. Yvette Clarke(D-NY)

authorized a write-off of$120,000 in missing equipment, something that was flagged by among the Awan siblings back in February 2016. So instead of reporting the countless dollars in equipment to authorities, Clarke’s chief of staff wrote it into the spending plan without having it show up in the audit. And it pleads the concern why such a write-off was approved to start with and why it wasn’t uncovered till a number of months later on when authorities started checking out the financial resources of the Awans.4. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Curious Habits After it was exposed that the DNC deck was stacked against Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries in 2016, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was seen by some as a not-so-trustworthy

figure in politics. And time and time again throughout

this scandal she has enhanced why lots of continue to mistrust her. Back in May, she actually threatened U.S. Capitol cops after they acquired a laptop as part of its examination into the Awans she stated belonged to her, stating” there would be consequences”if she didn’t get it back( she will later on inform a reporter that the laptop computer wasn’t really hers). As kept in mind previously, in spite of the rest of his household being fired for alleged wrongdoing months ago, Schultz kept Awan on her payroll nearly through July. Even after his arrest, the Florida congresswoman safeguarded Awan , which some saw as a minimum of the recommendation that the investigations were racially motivated(he’s a Pakistani-born Muslim )and implicated the conservative media protection of Awan of being “entirely untrue “regardless of the truth that whatever that has actually been reported on this by conservative media has been confirmed.So between the Awan household itself, their presumed activity, a Democrat office’s apparent coverup, and Wasserman Schultz’s off-the-wall habits throughout all this, there is definitely no reason that this story shouldn’t be more widely reported and given the appropriate coverage.Such a journalistic oversight wouldn’t be so bad had the media not consume over the continuous Russia investigation for the previous eight months. Despite all the gamers involved and the conspiracy theories that have been drifted, no one has yet to be arraigned for alleged”collusion.”And now given that it has been weeks with no sort of Russia-related bombshell, the media is getting desperate like a junkie waiting for his next fix. They would rather focus on obnoxious Instagram posts and Confederate statues than to shed light on the possible corruption within the Democratic Party.If Trump wants to win this war he has with the “deceitful media,”he must reconsider his techniques. Rather of dedicating nearly an entire rally rehashing his Charlottesville remarks, he

should check out some new product. Perhaps it will take an overblown, unforeseeable president to require the media to do its task for once.This is a viewpoint piece. The views expressed in this post are those of just the author.

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