Discuss “Democrat Freaks Out After Trump Threatens to Take Away Congress’s Special Obamacare ‘Carve-Out'”

  • He’s not removing their healthcare. He’s making them get insurance the exact same way the rest of Americans need to. If they do not like it, maybe they should change it? Simply an idea. It’s saying a lot that the concept of needing to acquire health insurance coverage the same method the rest of the nation does is triggering them a freakout. They know it’s crap even if they won’t say it outright.

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  • While the rest of America loses healthcare since the premiums are high so as soon as we end up paying the deductible and monthly premiums, it’s time for the next years payments. They must never have actually had the ability to take any unique deal, if they believed in this fiasco, really working.Click to read more Oh

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  • it stick! I have not yet ready any of the other comments, but I can guarantee that 99 %of the commenter agree that they need to also be under the ACADEMY! There is an old saying about never eating something the cook has not tasted … they prepared this stew, make them eat it with us!Click to learn more While they cannot get it together and use their power to block for their political feuding, Individuals continue to suffer. They cut themselves a special deal knowing that they certainly didn’t wish to be subjected

    to it. Why should they be unsusceptible to the repercussions? How attempt they! Such disregard. Trump sensibly reminded us.Click to read more Take Congress unique medical benifits and whach exactly what happens quickly with Obama care, make them work 40 -48 hours a week a minimum of 40 weeks of the year in DC and no fundraising on our time and get back term limits then a clean sweep of congress foir corruption, those termites & special interests been robbing us for too

  • long similar to IKE(President Eisenhour)said they would in his 1960’s farewwell speech! The bloody termites cant govern anyhow ! Click to learn more do it. do it. Congress does not own their constituents. They work for us. If they desire special factor to consider let we the individuals vote on it they way they vote for us. By the way if they were choosing healthcare that would affect them the way it impacts the rest of America I make sure they wold work smarter at gwtting things done. Click to find out more Need to do somethingto wake them

  • up. They think that it is all a video game. Insurer’s will constantly arrive money. Had to get them also to wake up. They quit covering the partner on a lot of plans or charge complete rates to cover them. It do n’t bother them.Click to check out more This special” carve-out “for congress AND their assistants was obamas bribe to get the dems to vote obamacare in to start with …

    part of the law and are

  • getting rich using Insider Trading. Let’s all inform Trump to take it away, isn’t really he suppose to be on our side Click to check out more This is so childish. Congress holds the power of the pursestrings so they could strike back and probably would. Maybe the President needs to ask Secretary Zinke how well that went when he attempted a similar method with the Chairwoman of the Senate committee that controls the Interior department budget plan. And the “carve-out “that Congress and their personnel get is simply that the federal government pays

    75%of the premiums of the strategies they select from the DC small company exchange, much like the 55 %of Americans whose employers pay the bulk of their premiums.Click to find out more People forget that government works for us. They are actually utilized on our behalf. So why ought to any of them get advantages and exemptions– pensions, health care, and so on– we the taxpayers do not receive?If just I might pass a”YOU INITIALLY”change to the Constitution. Any and all legislation should initially and equally be used to civil servant– local, state, and federal. Kiss farewell the ensured pensions and benefits which are timebombs lurking in many states. ” However they’re compromising for civil service …”Bull. If they could get much better payment in the private sector why aren’t they? They cannot.Click to check out more


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