Did United States First Woman Melania choose not to hold Trump’s hand once again? Video goes viral

Did US First Lady Melania refuse to hold Trump's hand again? Video goes viral

Washington: Did United States First Girl Melania Trump refuse to hold Donald Trump’s hand once again? This debate triggered after a video of the awkward moment went viral on social media. Inning accordance with the report released in!.?.!— NBC News(@NBCNews) February 5, 2018 In the video, Melania Trump can be seen

using a long yellow topcoat. Donald Trump and his wife were moving towards a field trip to Ohio. After the video went viral, Twitterati started reacting.

Here are few responses. “Don’t touch me.”– tangsting (@tangsting) February 5, 2018

Wow, she truly attempt’s to prevent him at the start. She really cannot stand him.– Amy E Todd(@amyetodd) February 6, 2018 Trump finally has to put his arm around her shoulder. #sexpredator– Eleanor Lauck

(@ellauck) February 6, 2018 Can she not use a coat the normal method?– Terri Pitzel(@TerriPitzel) February 5, 2018 I wonder exactly what made her continue with this farce– Brasilmagic(@Brasilmagic ) February 6, 2018 It might be discussed that it was not the very first time she refused to hold her other half’s hand. Earlier, when the couple was strolling on the red carpet at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, Melania Trump slapped off her partner’s hand. During the occurrence, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his partner, Sara were also present.


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