Did Trump Give The Middle Finger To The Italian Prime Minister?

During the G7 top in Sicily, Italy, Trump can be seen offering the middle finger– whether accidentally or on function– to the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni.He then follows this petty move with his typically smug smile.While the idea of the President of the United States providing the middle finger to a NATO ally would be completely unsuitable, it would not be uncharacteristic for Trump, whose very first abroad go to was riddled with gaffes.Trump got in the summit at chances with the other NATO allies, after having described the organization as “outdated.”After scolding NATO allies over defense spending, relations soured to the point where German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in referral to the United States, said:”The times where we might completely depend on others are on the escape. I’ve experienced that in the

last few days. We Europeans really have to take our fate into our own hands. “While Trump is busy cozying approximately the world’s most power-hungry autocrats, like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President

Recep Erdogan, he has all but abandoned our closest allies. In just his brief time in office, Trump has ceded American leadership on the international phase with his backwards, isolationist program.

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