Democrats’ Sexist PIG Hollywood Sugar Daddy Harvey Weinstein FIRED

Democrats’Sexist PIG Hollywood Sugar Daddy Harvey Weinstein FIRED

While not one of the “Saturday Night Live” twinks said his name fruitless nor was he denounced by Democrat political leaders however Harvey Weinstein was fired by his own company on Sunday.The powerful sexual predator’s long past due direct exposure as a pervert of the most repellent nature couldn’t have come at an even worse time for liberal apologists and Hollywood hypocrites as they commemorated the one year anniversary of the Gain access to Hollywood “get them by the pussy tape” because that was exactly how Weinstein operated.Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was fired Sunday from his own business by the board of directors.”Because of new details about misbehavior by Harvey Weinstein that has actually emerged in the previous few days, the directors of The Weinstein Business– Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg, and Tarak Ben Ammar– have actually identified, and have actually informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,”the statement read.The New York Times published a story Thursday detailing a list of sexual harassment accusations throughout the last years of Weinstein’s career.The rapid relocate to execute serious damage control moves is an early indication of just what does it cost? of a disaster that the New

York Times story represents to the left.Weinstein is their own Frankenstein monster whose history of using his power to participate in acts of ostentatious sexual exploitation of the vulnerable not just nullifies the story that President Trump was guilty of such acts but cuts the guts from whatever future attacks on Trump that were in the works.Think about it. Video and photographic proof of nearly every sanctimonious Hollywood leftist groveling Weinstein exists and will supply some needed sunlight on the whole

left coast nest of celeb cockroaches.Even worse, the End ofthe world situation for Democrats has actually arrived and they are as guilty as hell of taking loan from this degenerate freak.Republicans need to be ecstatic at the concept of Weinstein in every project ad moving forward. An even bigger issue looms

. One understands that The New york city Times story is just the idea of the iceberg on exactly what is yet to be exposed on Weinstein.If you are a conservative,

this dumpster load of debauchery is going to be the most entertaining thing to come from Hollywood in ages.Be sure to equip up on popcorn.If TMZ had a Hillary/Weinstein sex tape it would be worth billions. 2 fat slop hogs groaning and slobbering all over each other.Abject perversion is a staple of the Democrat party.Weinstein pissed off and/or crossed somebody for this information to end up being public. Every one understands Hollywood is 1)communist 2)subversive to America through its brainwashing dirty films 3)hellish in nature 4)

  • pedophilla is rampant amoung a lot of in Hollywood 5)lady are utilized for sex and explotation if they wish to be successful in being a starlet.

  • 6)They cover for each other since they are all gulity.The wicked Democrat never ever get

  • ‘s fired unless he get’s caught. Even then he might just have to stay out of the spotlight while he is rehired(or was never really fired). The genuine purpose of programs like ‘The Strolling Dead “is to normalize cruelty and murder, the communist are deliberate in the debasing and dividing of the populated. The other”program “which was clearly described in DNC campaign platforms and appears in every comedy and even commercials is the pursuit of the Mullato world, they

    • are actively attempting to transform white males to become gay, and encourage all white women to marry black males, in the crazy belief the if everybody is the same shade of brown bigotry

    • will stop to exist.Notice PB the variety of interracial couples, gay couples, informed expert looking non ebonic speaking blacks you likewise have in commercials and TV programs.
      Who in management on Grays Academy(Dr show)is NOT black? LOL! Not to discuss the music is all black artists. Unusual coincidence, I am sure seeing as its developed by a Shonda or some such thing. No one demonstrations this apparent discrimination versus whites. Oh and how do I know this, my other half works in the medical field and is into it-although she disagrees with much of exactly what they do, I for one believe its

        • truly silly and far beyond believable.I concur, Geezee. On the subj of television … sitcoms haven’t been amusing for decades. Canned laughter? Seriously? They think sheeple so foolish regarding require queuing for laughter; they might be right. Documentaries are my diet plan. Criminal offense docs are too disgusting to view all but the last 15 minutes genuine criminal offense and penalty. And, the punishment is doing not have. In any case, that which we spend for(cable television and sat.)are laced with that which hopes to ultimately ruin us. Soon I’ll fire the cbl business and check out more. That’s the old more suitable black and White.The reality of blacks in the medical profession for me is that last week, after several years of with four surgeries

        • , and a couple more coming up, I saw a black surgeon in assessment about knee surgery. I wanted a 2nd viewpoint due to the fact that I didn’t desire somebody who thinks I’m an infidel operating on my leg. “if everybody is the exact same shade of brown bigotry will disappear.”we will have attained the most affordable typical denominator … … The Lord will be back prior to this. Thank God What’s really frightening is, there are LOTS OF more people similar to him in Tinsel Town. Weinstein was simply” sloppy,” dumb, greedy, and overconfident enough to get caught, whereas there are still many old, powerful perverts in Hollywood that are STILL getting away

          with perversion, and now they’ve learned new ways of evading detection. It resembles viewing “Fatal Women “on the ID channel, and recognizing that the frightening part isn’t really the women portrayed on the show; it’s the evil, murderous, sadistic females who DID N’T get captured, and are still out there.Harvey Weinstein, poster kid for the wickedness and immorality that is

    • Hollywood.And if this mega pervert/rapist had actually belonged to the GOP, the cries of outrage would be deafening. Given that he’s an avowed leftist, lets all defend

      • this poor, slandered monument to the hollyweird community.Voluminius financial support for The

    • Program covers a wide variety of sins. If you contribute enough loan and produce enough propaganda, I ‘d wager cash a democrat politician would let you rape their better half or daughter. Thats nearly where we’re at with this guy.Remember something, these are people who would offer their own souls and moms in return for cash, popularity, political power, and getting away with high crimes.Just await the Marches for Women coming down Hollywood Boulevard that will never ever happen.HA! mikey moore will lose 150 pounds prior to we see that!A hundred and fifty pounds would resemble conserving$10 on a lear jet.I understand exactly what you suggest, lol.So MoronAbby

  • , who is safeguarding him? I have not read one word of praise, although I haven’t examined the websites of such perverts

    as Donny Little Cock, or Mark Seidensticker, or Howard Scott Heidreth, or former republican mayor Philip Giordano, or Donald Lukens, or at least 100 other upstanding married man in the republicon party.This stuff is deep for

    • sure. Will the ideal take advantage of it? Unfortunately I do not believe so. It impresses me that the repug’s are still in some type of downward spiral and self denial syndrome and will not gain from the best chance in half a century to totally thrashing the left and come out on top smelling like roses, being viewed as saviours of the republic, etc etc. Any favorable that does come about will be regardless of them and their own inward suicidal tendencies.The rinos and other republicans fear The President’s

  • success since for many years they’ve played quick and loose with The People’s money.

    • They have actually produced mini-empires while lining their pockets and making politics

      • a profession. When numerous, many require stability were heard over numerous years, they li$

      • tened for offer $.

  • An outsider, presuming as not to even take a salary, can expose this sewage. Is it any wonder why mcstain, lyin ryan, et al have fought and betrayed this President?True PB, they no doubt abhor this male and what he’s achieved. Interrupting the cash cow and all that. Notification likewise how many very extremely rich ‘representatives’

  • we have in DC, now approved we pay
    them well, we don’t pay them THAT much but we see multiple estates, private everything, the very best of everything -how is this possible? Follow the cash ?? Seek to one of the most fundamental ingredient?? When asked why he robbed banks, willie sutton apparently stated,”Since that’s where the cash is.”He’s attributed with that reaction however it’s believed to have actually been created by a reporter; a lie and a huge surprise.Pundits supplied the points, I cannot take credit. When heard, there was a fantastic ring of common

    • sense and credibility.Don’t you simply like it when conceited jerks like this get knocked off their pedestals? And this pig still has a long way to fall, not to mention the big-wigs he’s taking with him in this. No quantity of manure discarded by the lamestream media is gon na be able to bury this story. This man finally got exactly what was concerning him. Paradox, karma, and fate can all be real discomforts when they return to haunt you.This Hollyweird idolatry has GOT to stop. Its gotten beyond insane. And the majority of them in reality, you would not rely on any further than you could

      • toss them. Theres an idea, in fact-right off a cliff! The level of my Hollyweird knowledge is whats on the cover of the scandal-rags at the grocery checkout- thats about it … I care about this. much about the filth that resides in the cesspool called Hollywood!! Genuinely, same here, effem all … … We do not go to movies for $10(each )

        • plus costly snacks, public restroom lines and all that. Plus my home theater is better than their systems anyway, and my treats include beer-and no bathroom line-and nobody crunching popcorn and wrinkling cellophane wrappers…! And I have a’time out’ button. And I can view in my skivvies if I so

        • picked… I guess I’m simply a control freak… LOL. [curse erased]

    • Hollywood Yessir! Were they on fire I would not ____ on them.I would however apply liberal(get the pun?!) quantities of accelerant … BOO! [Expletive deleted] PUNny!”left coast nest of star cockroaches.” Well said Donn, WhoInTheHell do they actually believe they are, these self-proclaimed divine beings…? 1 They include absolutely no actual worth to the world at big, contribute absolutely nothing concrete, they are really effectively paid, to’

      • act’ … The much better they are at acting (not being themselves, generally)the more successful they are. Sort of paradoxical. Along the lines of’ Phony News ‘anymore -the more mind-blowing and totally ‘out there’ the’news ‘is, the more the minions eat it up! How can so much of the general public idolize individuals who ready at- not being themselves? Must

    • be mainly self-loathing Libs… OK, the number of you readers and posters went to the movies and PAID LOAN to see his images???????(The last image I saw in the movies on a very first run was Casablanca, so don’t blame me!)I have actually boycotted NFL. Hollywood. Hollywood for years.Gee, not only did the democrats not denounce him, but they likewise didn’t paraise him, lie about him, and choose him to the Oval Office. Now, if the repukes could follow that example.Special individuals bring in unique people.

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