Democrats need to just let Trump have his parade. It’s a political trap

The news that President Trump purchased White Home staff and the Pentagon to start planning < a href = shape=rect > a big military parade in Washington was fulfilled with eyerolls by many Democrats. They see it as unnecessary and, well, a little like exactly what Russia would do.But Democrats ought to simply let the president have his parade. Opposing it puts them in a political trap.Yes, there are numerous reasons the parade should not happen.It’s expensive

, and it will need months of preparation– time that might be used to attend to possible dangers around the world.

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unfavorable effect on foreign policy. Nations like North Korea might analyze the parade as a provocation, and horror groups might utilize pictures of it to help their recruiting efforts.This parade isn’t commemorating anything in specific, like a military victory. Instead, coordinators told The Washington Post, the intent would be to honor veterans and active soldiers. If that holds true, then the parade is an option without an issue: There’s already widespread support amongst the population for the soldiers. The person who flipped the coin at the Super Bowl Sunday night was a The second world war veteran surrounded by fellow Medal of Honor winners.

There is also a more practical problem with the parade: 70-ton Abrams tanks suggested for battlefields might seriously harm Pennsylvania Avenue.The Trump team should also understand the occasion would highlight Trump’s multiple Vietnam-era draft deferments. And it would undercut a major administration talking point: that the military is so understaffed that there are readiness issues. If that is real, then why overstretch the military a lot more with a parade?But Democrats should let people inside the administration make

these points. If the Democrats object, they’ll end up in an unwinnable argument: Trump will state they do not wish to honor the troops. Initial reports suggest the parade might occur on Veterans Day, around a week after the midterm elections occur in November. Do Democrats truly desire dispute moderators questioning exactly what they think about the upcoming parade? Or would they rather be asked about healthcare or environment or anything else Trump-related? The option facing Democrats on the parade resembles the one they face on Trump wanting a border

wall. On the wall, some Democrats are occurring to the point that if they really think the wall is meaningless, then they should just provide it to him and get something they desire in return. During the last federal government shutdown, Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he offered Trump that type of offer. Democrats ought to take the very same method when it pertains to the parade. It is tough to see how they win a messaging war over it– and they would rather speak about other problems, anyway. They ought to enable our showman president his show. James Pindell can be reached at!.?.!. Follow him on Twitter @jamespindell or

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