Democrats Masterfully Paint Republicans Into A Corner On Russia Election Hacking

By getting in touch with Republican politicians to join them in safeguarding the 2018 election from Russian hacking Democrats have actually painted Republicans into a corner. Either they brake with Trump and confess that Russia cyber attacks are an issue, or they stand with their president and betray their own country.Here is the letter from DCCC Chair DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján(D-NM)has actually sent out a letter to Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH), the chair of the NRCC, asking him to work together in protecting the 2018 election: No one anticipates Republicans to offer to deal with Democrats to protect

the election. This is the exact same party that wouldn’t release a joint statement with Obama condemning Russian election hacking during the 2016 project. The purpose of the letter is to obtain the Republican Party on the record. Do Republican support Russian cyber attacks on our elections? Are Republicans happy to anything about these attacks?By asking these questions, the Russia scandal widens from a Trump problem to a Republican Party issue. It is a masterful bit of political method that is the first relocate to expose how Republicans actually feel about the Russian election interference that they continue to allow. Republican politicians aren’t going to be enabled to hide from the Trump/Russia scandal in 2018.

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