Democrats choose not to stand for Trump arrival at State of the Union

Many Democratic legislators, dressed in black, refused to stand to welcome President Trump for his very first State of the Union address Tuesday night, setting the tone for one of the most divisive receptions for a president in modern history.Many sour-faced Democrats also decreased to stand and applaud first lady Melania Trump, who countered their black attire with a bright white pantsuit.First girls are typically warmly greeted no matter what the

party. However Mr. Trump’s presidency has been different from the start, with the president pursuing a conservative program and Democrats vowing total resistance from the start– consisting of attempting impeachment prior to his very first year was done.Democrats even rested on their hands when Mr. Trump celebrated historically low unemployment rates and swore not

to forget people struggling with natural disasters.Most Democrats did, however, applaud the heroes sitting with very first Girl Melania Trump who saved Americans from natural disasters,

or the police officer who along with his better half adopted the infant of a heroin addict. And nearly all Democrats provided a standing ovation to Rep. Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican shot by a psychopathic leftist at a baseball practice last year.Democrats’confusion over when to stand was on complete display screen when Mr. Trump suggested Americans must stand for the National Anthem.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood and tapped her hands together, browsing at her colleagues still sitting and providing them a quick shrug. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, her chief lieutenant, stayed seated.Sen.

Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, was a glaring exception, frequently joining Republican politicians in standing ovations.Despite the stone faces, some Democrats afterward said they found plenty of locations of arrangement.”If the president decides to

follow through on his ready remarks tonight, he will discover Democrats all set to work with him on reducing prescription drug prices, making massive new investments in America’s falling apart roadways and bridges, passing meaningful paid family leave legislation, and protecting Dreamers, “stated Sen. Richard Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate.Mr. Trump appeared to acknowledge the divisions in the space, requesting for lawmakers to look for beyond the rancor. “Tonight, I hire everybody to set aside our distinctions, to seek out commonalities, and to summon the unity we have to provide for individuals we were chosen to serve,” he said.Seven years back, after the shooting of them-Rep.

Gabby Giffords just ahead of a State of the Union address, legislators pledged to tone down the partisanship. Many of them vowed to cross the aisle to sit with friends or members of their state delegation from the other party.That practice has all but petered out, though a few Republicans crossed the center aisle to rest on the Democratic side.Two of them– Reps. John Culberson and Michael McCaul– sat with fellow Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar.At one point the 2 Republicans jumped to applaud and, after providing a few seconds, Mr. Cuellar got their fit coat hems and began to pull them back into their seats.


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