Democrats Are Silently Campaigning To Abolish the Electoral College– American Lookout


Truth overtakes the effort to abolish the Electoral College

Liberal academics and politicians have blasted the Electoral College with groaning, groaning, and gnashing of teeth. Over and over again, they attempt to reword the history of America’s unique presidential election process, claiming that it’s nothing however a relic of slavery.It’s not that, obviously. But

some individuals think that if they state something frequently enough, it becomes true.Hillary Clinton’s call to remove the Electoral College

has actually been widely reported, however less attention has actually been provided to a previous member of her partner’s presidential administration. Robert Reich just recently advised listeners to”withstand Donald Trump,”however also to”make certain our democracy doesn’t ever once again elect a candidate who loses the popular vote.” The finest approach of making that occur, Reich believes, is the National Popular Vote

legislation that is pending previously numerous state legislatures.Most Americans have never heard of NPV, however the California-based group has been running silently behind the scenes for years.This would be horrible for the country. Candidates would only project in highly populated areas. Lots of states would be totally overlooked.

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