Democratic Congressman Slams President Trump For Not Spending Enough Time With Barron

I’m still encouraged there are only two elements that drive somebody to run for president. 1.) Intense love of nation or 2.) Extreme love of power. There’s no between. It needs to be one of those 2 things. You do not casually choose to run. Something has to be driving you to do so. To this day, I think Trump ran since he was legitimately worried about the future of our nation. Hillary Clinton ran because she was legitimately concerned by HER future and legacy. See? It always comes down to those 2 things: Love of country or love of power.

It’s a tough task. It consumes every ounce of your being.

Now, Trump is used to being a hectic man, so I do not think it’s a night and day distinction to him, but still. It’s a lot of duty, especially for a man with a household.

Cue Rep. Steve Cohen. He’s chosen that Trump does not invest enough time with his youngest tune Barron, because– wait for it– he hasn’t seen them together enough. That’s his proof.

He golfs when he might be reading or be in church or be with his family. Never ever see him with Barron. You ‘d think he ‘d be playing golf with Father periodically but narcissists just take part in activities where they are the show. No movies, sports seeing either simply Fox! He will start a war!!.?.!— Steve Cohen(@RepCohen) December 31, 2017 Man. You do not understand Trump’s private life. You do not TRULY understand the dynamics of their relationship.There’s no doubt that Barron’s well looked after, and I’m SURE he understands that his father is the freaking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. It uses up a little time. I THINK he understands that. My point is, stop with the assumptions. I was never all,” OMG Obama is IGNORING his daughters! “Awful dad!”

That’s silly. And now we have a CONGRESSMAN saying this? Low blow, dude. Plus, all of us KNOW Democrats would be all,” OMG TRUMP IS USING HIS BOY!” if he often paraded him around and took 30 selfies a day with him. Just sayin’. Get a life, Cohen. Much better yet, DO YOUR JOB.

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