Dem Rep Moulton: People Think Democrats Are ‘Really Out of Touch With Most of America’

SIEGEL: Exactly what was so huge about the loss in Georgia that it shows the Democrats need a brand-new message, a brand-new vision?MOULTON: Well, now we

‘re 0-4 in these congressional special elections. And we’re at the worst electoral position that the Democratic Celebration has actually remained in decades. Therefore when you keep losing like that, you can’t keep doing the exact same old thing.SIEGEL: Well, initially, as to message, I went to the site of

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat who lost in Georgia last week. And there’s a list of priorities. Top, it states, our economy. John’s a small company owner, executive, business owner. He knows what it implies to grow a company, fulfill a payroll, balance budgets. And it goes on to state that he has the experience to help Georgia become a financial powerhouse. And he also represents raising the minimum wage to equivalent spend for equal work. Exactly what’s the matter with that message? Exactly what’s wrong with the priority there?MOULTON: Well, that’s in fact a pretty good message. Now, John had some other issues, like the truth that he could not even vote for himself in the election.SIEGEL: You suggest because he lived outside the district?MOULTON: That’s. The larger issue is that Republicans effectively connected him and his project to the national celebration and to our national leadership. Which’s where the issue lies.SIEGEL: They tied him above all to Nancy Pelosi. Back in November, you voted for Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan when he challenged Nancy Pelosi. Should Pelosi go since she’s too old,

she’s too liberal, she’s not liberal enough, they make a reliable caricature of her? Exactly what’s her great shortcoming?MOULTON: Look, a great deal of the important things they state about her are not real, and they’re unfair, but they’re nevertheless effective. And I think individuals look at our celebration today as really out of touch with most of America. When you have a party leadership that runs out touch with the rest of the nation, then that’s a genuine problem for the whole party.SIEGEL: Out of touch because she’s from San Francisco and her second is from simply outdoors Washington, D.C.? Is that the problem– geographical?MOULTON: Well, some people– some individuals state that. Look, the question is– what do we do to fix this? Exactly what do we do to show that we are a huge tent party that desires to consist of everyone in America?SIEGEL: Well, who doesn’t feel– who today does not feel they have a location under the tent?MOULTON: Well, I believe we have to show

people that they have a place in the Democratic Party whether they come from San Francisco or St. Louis. Clearly, if you take a look at the congressional map, we’re doing very well on the coasts and we’re refraining from doing very well in large swaths of

the country, even in spite of having policies that are excellent for a lot of folks that we believe ought to be

choosing us yet regularly choose to elect Republicans.SIEGEL: Some individuals say that’s due to the fact that the Democratic message is among identity politics and the Democrats will talk to ladies about equivalent work and Planned Being a parent, they’ll speak to Latinos about migration, that there isn’t really a coherent message. Do you agree with that, that the celebration has overdosed on identity politics?MOULTON: Well, all these things are very important. And they’re certainly crucial to groups of people that we wish to have a location in

the Democratic Celebration. We’ve got to talk about other things. Just last week I began a new nationwide security task force to speak about genuine management in national security at a time when the Republicans under President Trump are genuinely leading us astray.SIEGEL: Just to comprehend, if you could summarize– if you have a sense of exactly what the message is that would resonate with middle America and, honestly, with white middle-class citizens, what’s that message?MOULTON: Well, Robert, it’s got to be an economic message. It’s got to be a message of opportunity. Not just fairness, however how do we get you back to work? I believe we’ve got to have a message that’s focused on where the economy is going, not just where it’s been. Not about going back to 1955 and going back into the coal mines, however actually how everyone

in America can be a part of the economy of the future.SIEGEL: Is a man like Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, whom you supported for speaker– is he your concept of the right sort of messenger?MOULTON: Well, I simply took a look at the election that we had

. We had Nancy Pelosi running versus Congressman Tim Ryan. You can poke holes in either of them. Neither is a best prospect. And each has virtues and strengths. Right now, when we’re losing voters in middle America, I believed that Tim Ryan, somebody who has actually had to get re-elected multiple times right in the heart of the Rust Belt, is the kind of leader that we could utilize in the party.Tuesday on NPR, Rep. Seth Moulton(D-MA)stated Democrats are not winning elections due to the fact that he stated that it was seen as”out of touch with many of America.”


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