Dear CNN: Gallup Says Melania’s Appreciated More Than This Social Justice Loudmouth

News Gallup Definitely it doesn’t help her appeal that numerous of Hillary’s pals and partners are on the hook for sexual offenses of one sort or another. Clinton’s and Obama’s standings this year are more tenuous than in

the past. The 9%who name Clinton is the lowest percentage she has gotten considering that 2002, when 7%called her in another close first-place surface. Clinton won the title this year in the exact same survey she registered a personal low beneficial ranking. This suggests she stays leading of mind for enough people who like her to be called more than any other female in reaction to the open-ended question, ending up ahead of some ladies who may be better liked total but are not as prominent in individuals’s minds. Source: News Gallup Oh, look at that. A cautious reading of the data helps explain why many leftists stand out in this poll.A quarter of Americans can not name a man or a woman they admire a lot of. 9 percent name a relative or pal as the most appreciated male, and 13%do so for the most admired woman. Source:

News Gallup This editor, for instance, can easily think about a dozen non-politicians that he appreciates that don’t appear on this list. They might be loved ones, neighbors, pastors or teachers.
Friends the Remainder of the Media(D)STILL have not figured out yetis why

we call them’Fake News’. Let’s spell it out for them.
In a t-shirt. Due to the fact that you understand they won’t have the ability to figure it out on their own.There’s a women’version … And a men’s variation … The problem is

n’t just the lies they inform … It’s the truth they DON’T tell … And the viewpoints laced right through them. It’s propaganda: And the very best part
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