Cuomo Lambasts White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah for “Sounding Like The Clinton Folks”

Throughout a testy exchange on CNN’s New Day Monday early morning, anchor Chris Cuomo implicated White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah of “seeming like the Clinton folks” when it concerned his criticism of the FBI. Cuomo obviously forgot that just a year and a half previously, he himself sounded a lot like the “Clinton folks”, as he duplicated the Democratic Presidential candidate’s talking points surrounding the Clinton e-mail examination throughout the 2016 presidential election season.Cuomo’s remarks came after Shah suggested that politics influenced the choices of previous FBI Director James Comey; particularly referencing Comey’s controversial decision to describe the Clinton e-mail investigation as a” matter “instead of a criminal probe. While affirming in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2015, Comey said that it” worried”him that President Obama’s Attorney general of the United States Loretta Lynch asked him to use the expression “matter “instead of”investigation “to explain the Clinton e-mail probe.Cuomo then went on to accuse Shah of trying to”paint the FBI as a dubious

company.”Inspect out the records below: RAJ SHAH: And by the way, and I know you’re going to get to this, this memo that’s been outlined by

members of Congress, appearance, a lot of people have actually made claims, there have actually been accusations in journalism by members of Congress and by the administration. We desire justice that’s above board. We understand that there was political impact that impacted the choices of James Comey, the last FBI director. CHRIS CUOMO: How do you know?SHAH: He stated so under oath. He stated so under oath. He stated that he altered the way in which he called

the Hillary Clinton examination, exactly what he openly called it rather than a criminal probe, which is exactly what it was. He changed the nature of what he called it because the Chief law officer, a political appointee of the Obama Administration told him to.CUOMO: Jim Comey never said that he was under unnecessary influence or pressure in making those decisions. He was describing a procedure. SHAH: However he was affected politically.CUOMO: But do not state

Jim Comey confessed that he was getting hostile impact from any person there. He never ever said it, Raj. Why paint the FBI as a nefarious

organization? You people seem like the Clinton

folks during the e-mail investigation. When she was stating, “they’re just out to obtain us. “It needs to not go unnoticed that Cuomo, like much of his associates on the Clinton News Network and throughout the liberal media as an entire, consistently functioned as self-appointed legal counsel for

Team Clinton throughout Project 2016. Cuomo when said she sent no classified information, despite the fact that the FBI concluded that Hillary Clinton did undoubtedly send out and get categorized details over her private server. One might argue that Cuomo’s claims otherwise suggested that he successfully called then-FBI Director James Comey a phony. Ironically, less than 2 months later, Cuomo implicated a Republican guest of

calling Comey a liar after he< a href = target=_ blank > argued that Hillary Clinton broke the law. Cuomo’s actions prove a degree of reality behind radio talk program host Chris Plante’s expression,” If the left didn’t have double requirements, they ‘d have no standards at all.”


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