Cubs Player Denies Flipping Off Trump In Oval Office

During the Cubs see to the White Home on Wednesday, Albert Almora Jr. was photographed next to the president in the Oval Office. In the beginning glimpse, whatever appears regular. Numerous individuals on social media, on closer examination, found the Cubs outfielder appearing to offer President Donald Trump the middle finger. When asked about it later, Almora rejected to the Chicago Sun-Times that he made the gesture toward Trump. “I had two fingers out,” he stated. “I ‘d never do that to the president of the United States.”

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      do not see it taking place. Texas is still ruled by the jeebus lickers and the cities have plenty of lazy Democrats.Oscarlating Wildely Boreal lymis Cute, however even in bad internet resolution, you can see his other fingers in the picture.Normally, I ‘d make fun of the stylish outfit

  • he picked to welcome the president

  • of the United States, but, hello, Trump.Lantor Well, to

    be reasonable, it appears like few of them dressed up to fulfill the President. I’m guessing the interactions workplace told them to dress down so 1

    )Trump is not upstaged by any of them and 2)it makes Trump look relatable.Ronald Reagan is Dead!Sam _ Handwich justme And if he did??? We saw/heard much worse thatwas done to 44.

    Tomcat I do not appreciate the president so it would not bother me if he did. One of the GOP yelled you lie at Obama’s first State of the Union speech, where was the respect there?Nowhereman Hear hear. I decided early on to offer Trump the exact same quantity of

  • respect that republicans

  • provided to President Obama. So far

  • I have not needed to

    give him any regard at all.netxtown my respect for trump was picked and snapped out the window

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    2016 … JWC rather Honestly its time some one stood and informed TRUMP he is a fucking idiot His cabinet panders to him the press panders too him media panders too the exalted Doony and he

    • expects it Time to

      pull the carpet Nowhereman I get a little thrill every time a championship team chooses not to go see him at the white house.Tomcat Is that a felony? No it is not so even if he did there is NO criminal activity there.Phillip in L.A.Yeah, but

      • offered the

        MLB shitstorm surrounding Yasiel Puig’s suspension( and the turnaround thereof), it is not

  • tough to picture this much-greater if-it-only-were shitstorm Tomcat Hey exceed, Florida Gators just won CWS so if they concern see you I hope they bring you a critter from the overload to munch your ass.Tomcat Its a bird, its a plane, no its just asshole trump.Halou 2guysnamedjoe The

    • disgraceful feature of that picture is that it appears just one employee is providing fucknuts the finger.Jonathan Smith well, i guess they required SOMETHING to sidetrack from exactly what a week dRump is having. I feel bad for the shitstorm dRumpers are going to bring him Hank Nowhereman It looks like 2 fingers to me, but I got ta

    • state I’m fine with

      it either way. On the other hand, Trump is constantly flashing racist white nationalist indications from his podium, so there’s that.TexasBoy Yes, two fingers are clearly visible when you expand. The forefinger is in a shadow. Like you,

    • I’m fine with it either

      way.Sam _ Handwich 2guysnamedjoe I wish Mr. Almera’s reply to his accusers had actually been,”Yeah. What?”(But that probably would’ve violated his agreement with the team.

      )Phillip in L.A.Major League Baseball

      (MLB) had formerly suspended Yasiel Puig of the L.A. Dodgers for one game for apparently flipping off”Cleveland Indians fans near

    • the Dodger dugout”as he

      was rounding the bases toward home, after he hit a home-run off Cleveland starter Trevor Bauer. Last night, MLB then revoked

    • the suspension,

      after Puig concurred to say sorry and make some charitable contributions.Imagine what MLB may have done to”discipline “a gamer flipping off the President!netxtown depends upon the home state … red state-he would get punished.

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    • state– a parade.Boreal Ragnar Lothbrok No, that was

      a signal to Melania if she desired a quickie in the Rose Garden. Everybody knows that.Hank She would ACTUALLY jump ON it !!!! FAEN She has more time on her hands now since the relocation. No more banging hot secret service agents.Phillip in L.A.They look especially good in

    • kevlar vests, with nothing on beneath FAEN As much as I ‘d love to cheer him for flipping of Cheetohead, if you take a look at the picture it’s reasonably clear that he has both the index and middle fingers

  • out with the middle finger a bit

  • more forward(as would be normal)and more

    in focus. He isn’t really turning anyone off there. People have to stop making shit up. It’s an interruption from actual news.Lying for Christ

    • . Lying for Trump. Utilizes the same

      pithy brain cells.liondon #iamnotatraitor flannel t-shirt to fulfill this prezidunce … more than exactly what I would wear.Jamie _ Johnson Someone is actually scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with this one.Lazycrockett andrew He clearly has two fingers out in the image and said:”I ‘d never do that to the president of the United States. “IMO case closed.Oscarlating Wildely this proving that he has way more class than the present President of the United States.boobert It’s unlikely that I would be anywhere trump was, which’s an advantage. I wouldn’t be so subtle with my feelings.shellback A couple things relating to 45 in the image above: 1

      )Get that

      imposter away from that desk and from that office. He defiles the presidency by his presence.

  • 2)I marvel he lets

  • anybody behind him. That mess of hazardous cotton

    candy on his head just looks like a best target for a prank. Flick my Bic sort of thing. 3)And last but not least, off with his head.ChiTownGuy shellback Well, there’ssomething you do not see every day. I can’t even guess what’s going on.KCMC Hey,

  • Batter Batter Bader Butter Butter!!! Batter BOX! Batter UP!!!! That_Looks_Delicious No. He should reveal me that. Up close.BlindBill to uses their own pejorative …

    • what snowflakes– it is

      obvious to all however someone with Macular Degeneration that he is not

      • goosing– perhaps 45’s

  • aids are as blind as he is berserk … and why is someone holding a big 45 indication– is this about the group’s success or not?jimbo65 Ken M Well, 12 appeared anyhow. Seems 10 decreased the visit. It was the second visit after all. And no, he isn’t really turning him … chance lost: )kmcdevitt It reveals 2 fingers outside his pocket … Anastasia Beaverhousen For as soon as I am excited about this baseball thing.Phillip in L.A.You must enjoy the young boys

    in their tight uniforms sometime, Anastasia! If you come to

  • Los Angeles, I will conduct you to a

    Dodgers game.Anastasia Beaverhousen Oh, honey, that’s too sweet. I will exist

  • later this year

    … This weekend I am going to Pittsburgh and seeing the Butt Pirates?bambinoitaliano katkelly57 Oh yes sireeeeeeee … you

    sure are discreet there Mr. Precedent.gothambear oh touche– stunning

  • thanks

    Who averts when turning somebody off.bambinoitaliano The snowflakes constantly searching for the worst factor to have a meltdown.FAEN I would not have troubled to go.iambu Partner notifies me some gamers selected not to. Have not checked out it anywhere else.Bubba in TX My first

    response was, “Why are they even there?”Given that he took workplace, the other winning teams have either had fewer individuals or

    none show up. I guess this

    is the “fewer”option.Has anyone ranked the significant sports by how liberal or conservative their players are? Baseball strikes me as a video game that may

  • have more players who are Trump fans per-capita, but I might simply be … spitballing.(Sorry.) Silver Badger Well, provided the chance, I would flip off the election burglar in a heart beat.Jean-Marc in Canada Sadly, it doesn’t even appear like he did. He plainly has his thumb in his pocket and his very first and second fingers are clearly noticeable. This is simply a sad case of “let’s
    make up a story for rankings.

  • “Don’t get me incorrect,

    • I want it were real, this”president”should have no regard, but sadly this is just produced offense.lenvus Oops, I just presumed

  • the exact same concept

    above. Didn’t take the time to read your post here. Yes, I believe this as well.Natty Enquirer”Finger-down”

  • can never be The Bird.leastyebejudged Michael

    Sorry, however I look at this guy’s pic and I totally forget there’s a story that goes along

    with it other than for the scenario now playing in my head.EdA Nope, simply a picture. However I am struck by the enormous amount of regard shown by these men for the opportunity to fulfill the Commander-in-Thief as evidenced by the truth that only one of them thought that the event warranted putting on a tie and everybody else

  • dressed

  • like they were

    choosing a downscale evening at Denny’s or the Olive Garden.Natty Enquirer True; they look like the trip group that took an incorrect turn.ultragreen It’s the plausible deniability version of

  • a bird-flip

    gesture.Rascal Dreaming Vertebrate This little Dino’s middle

  • talons involuntarily extend every time he

    thinks of Dumpf. It’s an instinctive habits just before we disembowel our pray.UrsusArctos I‘d avoid 45 *. Carrion doesn’t sit well with

    the digestion system.coram nobis”When asked about it later on, he stated he was merely scratching his crotch.”—— BTW, why are they dressed like they’re going to a barbecue?katkelly57 “I had two fingers out,”he stated.

  • “I ‘d never do that to the president of the United States.”I call bullshit … even if he”didn’t’ … fuck that sound, I’ll do it for him.Randy503 Not any even worse than Trump offering the finger to the PM of Italy throughout his trip.Gerry Fisher lenvus I would not be reluctant

  • to provide Trump the middle finger from here. In

  • the Oval Office, most likely not, just because I ‘d be shocked to be in the Oval Office. In this men defense, he more than likely was putting his indexfinger in his jean pocket. Has anyone ever done this? If you casually do this, you may discover your

  • middle finger may stick down and the two other fingers

  • either curl inward or point backwards. The thumb would curl inward toward the index finger. I cannot see clearly enough here,

  • however it seems likely

    . Ideas ?? Vinny DeFeo Look closely

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