Connelly: Big Republican majority says colleges negatively influence country

A bulk of the country’s Republicans believe that institution of higher learnings are having a negative influence on the instructions of America, inning accordance with a new nationwide Seat Research poll. A sizable majority of Republicans in America believe that colleges and universities are having a negative impact on the country, inning accordance with a brand-new national Seat Research Center survey. “While a bulk of the general public (55 percent) continues to say that institution of higher learnings have a favorable impact on the way things are entering the nation these days, Republicans reveal progressively negative views,” Seat discovered. A majority of Republican and Republican-leaning independents (58 percent) now state that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the nation, up from 45 percent in 2015. Sixty-five percent of conservative Republicans believe colleges are having an unfavorable effect, compared to 43 percent for moderate and liberal Republican politicians. By contrast, Democrats and Democratic-leaning citizens are divided down the middle on whether news media have a favorable or unfavorable impact on the country. By contrast, simply 39 percent had a positive view of banks and monetary institutions, compared with 46 percent believing they have an unfavorable influence on the country. President Trump chose to offer a start speech at Liberty University in Virginia, whose president Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr., supported him in the presidential race.

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