Congressman Eric Swallwell introduces Journalism Defense Act to counteract Trump era – Story

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. – A Bay Location Congressman on Monday introduced the first costs of its kind to make it a federal crime to physically assault journalists reporting the news.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Castro Valley) stated that the “Journalist Defense Act” was established as a direct outcome of the “climate of extreme hostility to the press” developed by President Donald Trump.The president has actually explained traditional media outlets as”a stain on America, “” aiming to remove our history and our heritage,”and” the enemy of the American Individuals.” Trump even tweeted a GIF video of himself body-slamming a person with the CNN logo superimposed on that person’s face, and retweeted a cartoon of a “Trump Train” running over a person with a CNN logo design as its head.

“Such antagonistic interactions help encourage others to believe, no matter their views, that violence against individuals participated in journalism is more acceptable,” Swalwell stated– and certainly it’s not.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)


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