CNN’s Chris Cuomo expertly corners Republican Jay Ashcroft on Trump’s bogus voter fraud claims


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CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday . As Politico notes, poll results have historically diverse extensively on the topic depending upon how concerns are worded and how the survey is carried out. Without any mention of Trump or the president’s executive orders on

solely combustion engine-powered car,”said Volvo president Håkan Samuelsson. The Swedish vehicle company stated that it will release five full electrical cars and trucks between 2019 and 2021, 3 of them under the Volvo brand and the other two from its Polestar subsidiary; it will continue selling combustion-engine designs presented before 2019, a minimum of for now.The shift towards electrical cars and trucks”is most likely to have been affected by Chinese car company Geely, which bought Volvo in 2010,” CNNMoney reports, describing that China has actually fasted to embrace electric cars– over half of the electric vehicles on the planet are presently sold in China, according to Germany’s Center for Automotive Research study. Peter Weber 5:03 a.m. ET Stefan Rousseau-Pool/Getty Images On Wednesday, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations are conference in Cairo to go over possible further sanctions against Qatar for allegedly supporting Islamist terrorism, as a due date expires on a list of needs from the Saudis, Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar< a href= target=_ blank > rejects the charges. Likewise on Wednesday,

British diplomacy think tank the Henry Jackson Society released a report on foreign-funded Islamist extremism in the United Kingdom, and topping the list of angering nations is Saudi Arabia, which exports”an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology,”the report says.”Considering that the 1960s, Saudi Arabia has been devoted to a policy of promoting the kingdom’s hardline analysis of Wahhabi Islam worldwide,” the authors write.” Over the past 30 years, Saudi Arabia has actually invested at least ₤ 67 billion [$86 billion] on this venture. The most extensive effect has remained in other parts of the Islamic world, where funding from Gulf States has been used to promote a more extreme interpretation of Islam, often bypassing regional practices and traditions that are more moderate. … However, the loan has actually likewise been used to export Wahhabism to the West.”The Saudi Embassy in London rejected the report’s findings, stating the assertion that Saudi Arabia has radicalized”a small number of individuals”is “baseless and do not have reliable evidence,”and the Saudi government does not”and will not excuse the actions or ideology of violent extremism and we will not rest up until these deviants and their companies are ruined.

“The Henry Jackson Society report does point out Saudi Arabia’s brand-new center for countering Islamic extremism, inaugurated in the middle of fantastic fanfare with assistance from President Trump, but adds that” it has also been alleged that the quantity of funding for spiritual extremism coming out of countries such as Saudi Arabia has in fact increased in the last few years.” The British federal government is”under pressure to publish a report on U.K.-based Islamic groups “that was”commissioned by previous Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, ” BBC News reports, but if

it ever gets published– an open question–“critics have actually recommended it might make uneasy reading for the government, which has close and longstanding diplomatic, security, and financial links with the Gulf, particularly Saudi Arabia.” You can read the report at the Henry Jackson Society. Peter Weber See More Speed Reads


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