CNN Political Analyst Comes A Cropper At Fact-Checking President Trump

CNN’s really bad day continues to worsen. Initially, CNN’s head lesbian Sally Kohn implicated Melania Trump of bigotry Wikipedia has to state on the matter:

The contemporary motto of the United States of America, as established in a 1956 law signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is “In God We Trust”.

Simply puts, Trump was best and this CNN tool was incorrect. Making this funnier is that many Twitter users mentioned to Karem how wrong he was and he has actually still not erased this tweet or acknowledged his mistake.I had a look at some of his other tweets and it’s clear this person is a total lunatic. Take a look at this shit:

But we should be clear: Terrorists are not merely criminals. They are unlawful opponent combatants. And when recorded overseas, they ought to be treated like the terrorists they are.– exactly what about the homegrown terrorists who eliminated in Vegas?

— Brian J. Karem (@BrianKarem) for.!.?.!— Brian J. Karem(

@BrianKarem) October 19, 2017 And my favorite: I simply question how lots of wedgies Paul

Ryan got as a kid.– Brian J. Karem(@BrianKarem)< a href= "">

January 31, 2018 It’s hard to think which in fact

discusses a lot. It’s not surprising that they have a hard time so mightily to present objective realities when everyone who works for them is a lefty partisan hack. Intensifying matters is that these individuals at CNN are also certifiably outrageous. Follow Brian Anderson on Twitter

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