CNN Panel: ‘I Think We’ve Got Much Bigger Issues to Focus on Than Kathy Griffin’


Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper hosted a panel conversation that consisted of The Atlantic’s Molly Ball, previous White House interactions director Jen Psaki and CNN contributor David Urban about comedienne Kathy Griffin presenting with the severed head of President Donald Trump in an image shoot.All panelists were dismissive of the relevance of Griffin’s gesture.Partial transcript as follows: BALL: Who is

stating it’s appropriate discourse?TAPPER:

Donald Trump, Jr.BALL: Who is stating it’s even discourse?

I suggest have a difficult time bringing myself to appreciate something like this. I think it just speaks to the need to see themselves as a victim that they have, that they are constantly being persecuted.TAPPER: The Trumps you’re talking about.BALL: The Trump individuals are continuously having to point to the elites who are looking down on them. Of course, comics and celebs state dumb things and do dumb things and violence is not suitable, however I just do not believe that that’s the source of President Trump’s problems.URBAN: I think we have actually got much larger concerns to concentrate on than Kathy Griffin.TAPPER: Jen, do you wish to weigh in at all?PSAKI: Agreed with David.


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