Clay Aiken Just Exposed Pres. Trump’s Dirty Little Apprentice Secret

In the wake of today’s shocking revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s secret attempts to collude with the Russian Federation comes yet another Trump scandal.While this one has no

genuine consequences for the country, it’s another stunning check out how the entire public personality of Donald Trump is absolutely nothing however an act.Donald Trump became a family name in the United States for his role as the host of the Apprentice and for his trademark firing ofunsatisfactory candidates– but a former entrant simply exposed that Trump didn’t even get to decide who got fired.”Trump didn’t decide who got fired on’Apprentice,’I imply, NBC made those

choices. There used to be a little thing right on his desk that appeared like a phone– he pretended it was a phone– however it was in fact a teleprompter where the producers were sending him notes.He didn’t understand that individuals were getting in battles throughout the week while we were doing these jobs, the producers did.

And they ‘d send him notes and he ‘d say,’Oh you 2 didn’t get along. It was quite,’ I’m not a medical professional, however I play one on TV.I’m not stating this to be incendiary. but Donald Trump isn’t really the entrepreneur that people believe he is due to the fact that we saw him on TV playing the’ Apprentice.'”It’s pretty clear at this moment that Donald Trump isn’t a business person, he simply plays one on TV . Trump hasn’t made a single “deal” as President that has really accomplished anything beyond tossing our taxpayer dollars at corporations just for them to move tasks to Mexico anyway, and considering that taking workplace has still disappointed any sign he can grasping standard economics, riding the strong economy that President Obama left him and claiming it as his own.Aiken goes on to verify as much, stating that Trump absolutely has no concept exactly what he’s doing :”I believe to myself, the male as president definitely has a teleprompter resting on his desk right now with individuals telling him,’Well such and such remains in the health care costs, do not say this.

‘I seem like half the time his teleprompter has actually broken down as president and he does not know what’s going on.

“Aiken’s remarks are troubling since a considerable portion of Trump’s advocates elected him due to the fact that they thought he was the business owner he seemed on TV.Hoodwinked by a dream prepared by television manufacturers, they now are enthralled by a similar dream of a qualified president cooked up by the manufacturers at FOX News and by harmful white supremacist ideologues like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.Just more proof that Trump isn’t really even certified to run a television program, not to mention our country.

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