Chuck Schumer Takes a Triumph Lap, After Trump Relies on Him for an Obamacare Reboot


< a href= target= _ blank > I informed you last nigh t of President Trump’s attempts to parlay his love affair with the left into a winning technique on Obamacare.He even possessed it, today on Twitter.I called Chuck Schumer the other day to see if

the Dems want to do a terrific HealthCare Expense. ObamaCare is terribly broken, big premiums. Who understands!– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump ) October 7, 2017 He obviously has more love for liberal Democrats than Republicans. Who knew?Ok. Anyway … Is that deep heat and love returned? Inning accordance with Schumer toda y:”The president wished to make another perform at repeal and change and I told the president that’s off the table,”Schumer said in a

statement on his call with Trump on Friday, news of which the president validated in a tweet.”If he wishes to interact to improve the existing health care system, we Democrats are open to his ideas. A great location to start may be the Alexander-Murray

negotiations that would support the system and lower expenses, “Schumer added.He’s speaking of the Senate Health Committee’s efforts, led by the chairman, Senator Lamar Alexander(R-Tenn.) to continue aids for cost-sharing for two years, as is being negotiated with

Senator Patty Murray(D-Wash.), the panel’s top Democrat.Bipartisanship on anything in Washington is as uncommon as discovering an actual 4-leaf clover.You understand it’s out there, but discovering it is near-impossible. For many years, Republicans operated on the pledge of eliminating Obamacare, entirely.

Once they had the power to do so, they balked and stalled.Meanwhile, Democrats don’t really care if Obamacare works

, or not. They’re not dealing with it. The strategy Congress has

on their own is completely various, and there’s no other way they’re going to be a part of messing around with the crowning legislation of the sainted”very first black

president. “A Democratic assistant informed The Hill in an e-mail Saturday, “Especially after the contraception decision yesterday, the administration needs to stop screwing up the law prior to anything genuine can occur. “Sabotage?That entire costs was sabotage against the American individuals, and it’s sabotage the Democrats caused,

and the Republicans are scared to undo.I’ll state it’s not President Trump’s fault that Republicans in Congress had no stomach for coming together and doing what they stated they would do, then enabling the marketplace to ideal itself.Trump’s fault was in

investing more time assaulting Republican politicians and the media on Twitter than in putting together a union to work to the goal of reversing that ghastly legislation.That’s

still not a strong factor for a so-called Republican president to switch on his own celebration and provide more deference to liberal Democrats.It’s incredible. Despite the fact that on November 9, 2016 it looked like Democrats lost the election, you have to question if they realized then that they ‘d still won.The post< a href = rel =nofollow > Chuck Schumer Takes a Triumph Lap, After Trump Turns to Him for an Obamacare Reboot appeared initially on RedState.


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