Chelsea Clinton: ‘We All Have a Responsibility to Not Stay Silent Now’


Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” former first daughter Chelsea Clinton described her brand-new outspokenness, particularly on social networks in the months after her mom Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump for the White House.

“Well, in 2015 when I was campaigning for my mother– I think actually up until my due date with Aidan then being on the stage at the convention so happy to support her there simply a couple of weeks after he was born– I did so many occasions for my mother,” Clinton stated. “And I had a possibility to share my thoughts openly in those online forums. I did great deals of interviews. And now I continue to share my views after the inauguration.”

“I don’t believe what I state today is any various than exactly what I would state had I been asked similar questions or similar concerns type of on the stage,” she continued. “But definitely, I think all of us have an obligation to not stay quiet now. I think we all need to speak up and utilize whatever platforms we have now and certainly, social networks is part of that.”


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