Championship game includes Trump check out, bad weather, leaking roof

The January 8, 2018

Photo just sent out from a reader outside the arena, 30 minutes prior to kickoff.!.?.!— Michael Casagrande(@ByCasagrande) January 9, 2018 This is a roofed stadium, but it was leaking ahead of video game time. The Macon Telegraph

reported water was falling onto the field during warmups. File this under things that would occur to the city of Atlanta.The Georgia state capital is hosting the College Football Playoff

Championship Game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which theoretically should secure the gamers and fans from the outside elements. Outside of the dome, which has a not-yet-fully-functioning retractable roofing, rain has been putting for some time. Around 6:15 p.m., a leak was observed boiling down from the roof around the 21-yard line near to the end zone painted with Georgia’s group name.The leakage, a constant stream, was spotted coming down on the hash mark near the Georgia sideline.There is a little drip of water falling from the top of Mercedes-Benz Stadium on to the sideline, at about the Alabama 20

. Did not seem to be on the playing field, about 5 backyards off. There is a security staffer standing there, with damp areas on his shirt.And he has actually stagnated.– Ralph D.

Russo (@ralphDrussoAP) January 9, 2018 It’s at least the 2nd time the roofing has actually leaked in this billion-dollar location, which remains in its very first season of presence.
It also occurred in October.


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