The Sun Just Unleashed Its Biggest Solar Flare In More Than A Years

NASA has reported a big solar flare being emitted by the Sun, the most effective considering that 2006, which has currently caused some radio blackouts on Earth– and it may cause aurora noticeable as far south as London.The flare was one of 2 released by the Sun yesterday early morning(September 6), seen by NASA’s Solar Characteristics Observatory(SDO). At 5.10 am EDT, the Sun unleashed an X2.2 flare, with X-class signifying the most intense flares. Then, at 8.02 am EDT, a much larger flare determining X9.3 was unleashed.The last time we saw a flare this big was in 2006, which…

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More than 600,000 without power as Irma eyelashes Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico– Hurricane Irma lashed Puerto Rico with heavy rain and effective winds Wednesday, leaving more than 600,000 individuals without power as authorities struggled to get help to small Caribbean islands already ravaged by the historic storm.Florida rushed to prepare for a possible direct hit on the Miami location by the Category 5 storm with potentially catastrophic 185 mph winds.Nearly every building on the island of Barbuda was damaged when the eye of the storm passed practically straight overhead early Wednesday and about 60 percent of the island’s roughly 1,400 individuals were left homeless, Antigua and Barbuda…

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